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Dealer Hooked It Up :D Check It Out!! (With Pics)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by 0huefe, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. #1 0huefe, Aug 6, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 28, 2017
    I gave my dealer $40 because he said he was hitting up the club, so I told him to get the usual 8th of after the SECOND time buying off him(he has delivered it both times) he gave me a free joint, a 8th of Blue Dream, and an 8th of this stuff called Night Rider Kush.

    I love weed.:smoke:

    Sorry for the pictures being sideways, my iPhone does that :mad:
  2. all for $40?

    Jesus you have a good dealer...
  3. why? maybe he gave it to the wrong guy
  4. THat looks amazing. I wish I had that right now, grats man :hello:
  5. Fuck you lol , I want your dealer
  6. looks like some good bud
  7. damn now that's good business lol. Wish dealers around here were like that
  8. naw, the first time i bought a half off him, and i gave him $10 for gas, so he said hes gonna hook me up for now on
  9. that is a nice ass joint
  10. I want to meet that dealer, the best my dealer does is give me .2 or sumthin :(
  11. pretty generous for $10 gas
  12. .2? thats like a small bowls worth? ahaha
  13. um nice pick story bro
  14. Do you have a scale? If that is supposed to be a qtr of bud, well it definitely is not. Its hard to tell from pics but i would guess you have about 4 grams on that case (not including the joint, thats probably .8). I would guess the joint is mids because why else would he rollyour weed for you? Still a good deal tho for sure.

  15. fuck off if your going to say that

  16. Wtf? Im not gonna pull out all my bud from the containers? I just layed some out on the case to show you what the nugs looked like?
    The joint is .5 dank, and .5 of mids
  17. I get 3grams of top shelf for 40 if im LUCKY. Then again it was a first time buy.
  18. By the way, take the pictues on your iphone with your phone vertical, dont turn it sideways.

    Sideways picure dilemma, Done.

  19. Some clinics hand out free joints of some pretty dank bud...I've gotten a free gram joint of some Platinum, fat as fuck! Pretty dank for it being free. :smoke:
  20. TBH, looks like each eighth pictured would cost bout $20 dollars in the club. Free joint is usually standard. If you get your own rec, you could get deals like this all day.

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