Dealer going to jail..

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  1. Well I got a phone call yesterday morning about my boy jesse saying he was in deep shit so I looked it up a sure enough found a article on the local news.I knew it was bound to happen small town and with 4 of the main dealers living in one house.:eek: | Portland, ME | Home on Route 114 raided Monday morning

    How long you think he will be in jail for?
  2. Many .. many ..many years brother. I'm sorry to say but those x pills and the firearms is enough to lock him down for a while.

  3. No chance really, that's a few good years.
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    Wow, that fucking sucks! Well my understanding is that for the stolen gun he could get up to 3 years in state prison or up to a year in the county jail. Depending on whether it is filed as a felony or misdemeanor. I know possession of 40 pills of ecstasy is enough for 6 months in jail. I don't know how many he had. And I don't really know about the reckless conduct. All that added up, damn he's in deep shit. Again sorry to hear that. :(

    EDIT: I meant six years for E. Sorry...I'm high.

  5. Damn, 3 e pills here and it's manslaughter and everyone after that is another attempted murder charge
  6. wow where is it that you live?

  7. Not very long, a few years tops if he goes to jail.

    His dad is fucked though.

  8. im gonna call BS on that. E is one of the worst drugs to get caught with anywehre in the US.

    you may know someone who got caught with 40 pills and only got 6 months in jail, but i assure you the penalties are much much stiffer than that.
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    Thats a class x felony anywhere from 6-30 years in prison.- one of my kin got caught with 70-80 hits of papers and got that amount of time.
  10. Damn! I wouldn't wanna live where you live. F that!
  11. My mistake, I'm a little high. I meant to write 6 years. Thanks for calling that out though, fixed it. :)
  12. you're friend jesse porter guy's dad looks like charles manson

  13. I actually never met him but hes on some otha shit.he says he's done so many drugs that he can crack his back and feel the effects of some drug i forgot what tho he's been to jail before and said he'd have people crack his back all the time.
  14. ecstasy gives you bad back

    Edit: i think acid does too, not too sure tho

  15. sounds like he did too many fucking drugs. i wish i had a fuckin drug gland in my back that secreted the drug of my choice though
  16. That dudes dad looks like a guy I saw under a bridge downtown
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    **THIS IS LONG BUT READ IT, EVERYBODY**The justice system DOES NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT fuck around when it comes to firearms, just the drugs and cash your FUCKED, but the gun charge is what puts the jail time no matter what lawyer you get. For example if he got a bangin best lawyer around (10,000$+) with JUST those drug charges, he might be lucky, go threw the whole court bullshit (takes them 10 court visits or more to get a verdict, SO ANNOYING!) and end up getting like 5 years probation, drug classes, etc, maybe a program or 30 days in jail, opposed to the like 4 years hes gonna get now with the guns. He was caught red handed, and I put my life on it his phone was tapped. Don't be dumb kid. Im out of the game, been there done that (not to that severity like your boy lol) but I've been raided and I haven't been the same since, too bad that kid won't get a second chance even since hes 18 (I learned at 17, 19 now) though a lot of people just don't care about being a fuck up and solitary confinement out of having a life for fast money that ends quick, but I was one of the few, everybody I used to know is in jail now, I don't even have any friends because I'd rather be by myself than around negative immature influences, I thank god everyday I changed, I know my shit.

    Edit: This is from the article. "the case was helped by several anonymous tips from citizens to the departments phone and on-line contact points." I love when cops pull that shit, they are the biggest lyers in the WORLD. There was no fucking online contact points, and tips don't meen shit. People can say you have 100000 plants and 10000 pounds in your house and a judge won't sign a warrant, period. If somebody was growing they would need helicopter proof thermals. If you are dealing you have to be caught in the ACT, and/or sell to an undercover a couple times (Trust me, the last person you'd think to be a snitch, usually is, when it comes down to it and your in shackles 98% people will snitch, maybe besides some gang members, even they snitch) what happened was whoever this stupid kid was to even be dealing like that kind of shit sold to an undercover and the judge signed the warrant, hence the reason why they didn't have WARRANTS, just a RAID. I read some other name that said had a warrant for Drug Trafficking, what must of happen with him was that he was involved in the business (Wire-taps, Undercover deals, etc) and when they raided it he was the only one that was not in the house.

    Edit: And no offense, I think that kid might need some jail time so straighten him out, for real. Or it will be just be another statistic in and out of jail and programs the rest of his life. Hopefully not. Remember, Fast money ends quicker than it comes.
  18. no shit!
  19. Thats a myth morons tell each other. There is no US law that makes posesssion of a substance comparable to an attempted murder charge.
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    Hahahahah. What you need to understand is that the whole North-East DEA/Every town police/state police is on a drug operation now. It is not what it used to be 3-4 years ago, shit changed once the prescription pill epidemic hit the colleges (New York, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, etc.). All of a sudden they cracked down HARD on marijuana & grow operations (because it's the easiest to catch, usually other drugs just come along with it), out of NO where the past year. I was never a dealer, but I don't even smoke now because im in college and refuse to fuck up my life over a harmless plant that happens to be ILLEGAL even though I would bairly smoke if I did, in a couple years I'll be out of here though. Grow op's are getting busted everyday now in the North East, I would of never grown in my life cause of the stiff penalty's and how paranoid I am (Always been) let alone be doing anything stupid now, even if I want to smoke a fucking blunt I can't, my family will disown me.

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