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dealer gave me 3 options.. which sounds best?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sleezy, May 15, 2010.

  1. i love how all the people who pay lower amounts for weed think we can just easly get there cheap prices, 60$ for an eight of dank with an actual name is unheard of where i live, most kids have to pay 70-80 for that. if i was you i woulda gone with the urkel for sure that shits rare or the grand daddy purps, blueberry would have been my last pick on that list, But weeds weed and im sure it will work nicely, have fun.
  2. 60 an 8th is pretty standard for dank around here as well, but I would never pay more. I'd have to get high after sticking my nose in the bag to pay anything more
  3. $60 an 1/8 is standard here, I'd pay more if I had to though.

    OP, update?
  4. Purple Urkle.
  5. I had a dealer start to ask $70 for an 1/8...I erased his number from my phone right away.
    At that point they are trying to squeeze every last dime out of you.
    and im in a major city where its normal to pay $60
    I cant wait till my grow is done.

  6. yeah... and its also $10 for a pack of smokes...
  7. mmm purple urkel seems to be the strain thats going around now? its here in southern cali right now too, its supposed to be good smoke.
  8. probly the blueberry cuz its just 10 bucks more and its probly the super fire..but i love my purps so just go look at that shit man 70 bucks is alot to spend on weed espescially a eighth so u better get to see that shit first and weighed lol.sounds legit tho get all of them l
  9. Sounds like the best choice
  10. Well they all sound dank brah. Pick the dankest or a lil of each and smoke up duder!
  11. One of the purples.

    This too.^
  12. get the grandaddy if its really good. it will knock you out bro.

  13. what this man said
  14. go look and pick the best strain?

  15. Or better yet see if hell give you a gram and a half of the lows and a gram of each of the upper tier and offer him 60 and see what he says
  16. I still think OP died.
  17. Well as far the prices go they seem a little high, but then again I DO live in Canada ;)

    I've smoked blueberry Kush and it was certainly a nice strain with a extremely cerebral head buzz as soon as you take that first hit, so personally I would go for that. :cool:
  18. sorry i havent been on... and i didnt hook up last night he didnt get in till late. but im getting it this evening... oh and i went with a quarter of GDF and 8th of Blackberry Kush for 170.. ill have pics later 110 for the quarter of GDP and 60 for the BB
  19. yeah i agree with anyone who said grand daddy, that stuff got me pretty good when it came around here
  20. Where I live on mids its always 10 a gram never pay more for mids sometimes you can get some chronic 10 a g but rarely I get some real good dank at 20 a g my fav hookup back in the day sold me 11 gram "quarters" for 60 bucks I was making a killing off that :hello:

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