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dealer gave me 3 options.. which sounds best?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sleezy, May 15, 2010.

  1. 1st off let me start off by saying my dealer is legit... gets the best of the best, so dont come in here saying "oh hes just making up names" also... with the area i live in... its hard to find dank.. let alone cheap dank at that... so i know the prices are high but its best your gonna find in my area. said he had some Killa Blueberry - 70 an 8th.. Blackberry Kush- 65 an 8th.. and Grand Daddy Purps and Purple Urkle - 60 an 8th.... so which sounds best?
  2. I would hope so... 60 an 8th is crazy high, hash is cheaper than that down here :smoking:
  3. I'd go with the cheapest, but that's me.
  4. 60 an eighth for dank is about right on for here too. all of the strains sound good but i would go for grandaddy purp because its the lowest price out of the three. economy smoker lol
  5. I always buy the highest quality bud I can get my hands on, that is unless i can get a really good bulk deal.
  6. $60 for and eighth is wat it is in NY
    but the purps always sound good
    ask for him to show u the bud and then decide ur self tho
    it all sounds good
    happy toking:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  7. im goin wit the blueberry.. ill post pics later.
  8. Godspeed sir.
  9. Yeah proper blueberry is sweet m8
  10. Ive had purple urkle and it is some bomb bud. Id suggest it.
  11. I'd say purple urkle but that's just because i've always wanted to try it. That or the kush, either way they all sound like some dope ass dope :hello:
  12. i've had blueberry here, but I payed mid prices because of connections.
  13. 60 an 8th is average price in NC :/
  14. 70$ for an eigth is OUTRAGEOUS.

    Thats some flat out extortion there man.

    Go with the cheapest although i think its still a rip off considering how cheap it is to grow.
  15. try to get a gram of each instead
  16. I think OP died

  17. :rolleyes:
  18. lol, never pay over 60$ an 8th. idc if it's dank.
  19. i say get a quarter, eigth of the 80 and either oof the 60, then see if theres a difference..the you will know for next time what to do and if u think its worth it.

    $60 is what I pay for a regular old eigth here, $120 a quarter for regular bud...

    funny how people say "never pay more than" as if they set the standard on weed prices accrossthe country. hell in NYC its $50 for 2 grams!
  20. I understand everyone pays something different (depending on location), but when you see an eighth of dank rise above 60$ the weed is going through too many people to get a reasonable price man. No matter where you live in the US.

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