Dealer dry dont know if I should call him?

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  1. Alright So I normally buy a gram from my guy which lasts me 5 weeks.He's been dry for like a week now I called him maybe last Saturday and text him 3 times and he finally picked up saying "Still dry man I'll let you know when I get straight" But fuck man...I have a feeling he won't.I text him Wednesday and no response today is Saturday I want to call him but I dont want to be a annoying guy bugging him where it ends up like "You know what motherfucker?Find somewhere else to get weed" or "Stop fuckin call my phone man"...Idk what to do He's the only guy I have and I'd doubt he would let me know,I've only gotten weed from him once the time before that he never showed up.What do you guys think I should do?

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    I'm not sure. One, I'm amazed you can make a gram last for five weeks.
    He might also shrug you off because you buy such a small amount over such a long period time (at least long/small in the eyes of a dealer).
    As a test, ask "how much would you charge for a quarter," and then see if he responds. ;)
    Also, welcome to the city. 
  3. Dude, you make a gram last five weeks? That's incredible! Unfortunately for you though, that does mean that you're probably at the bottom of his list of top customers. A legit dealer shouldn't struggle to get a gram to sell you, but he might not call you.
    Just call him, fuck it. As him when he's gunna get more in.
  4. If he gets mad just say "mother fucker you're a DRUG DEALER. sell me some drugs" you're the customer, not some punk addict. I really hate it when people treat people this way Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. A lotta risk for little reward dude. My guy wouldn't talk to you either. Get a Q. And welcome to GC.
  6. A gram 5 weeks? wtf man do you even get high?
  7. He's your dealer, not your friend.  It's a business transaction and nothing else.  Call him, what do you have to lose? If he tells you to fuck off its no different than him never calling you back. At least this way you'll know whats up.
  8. Dealers don't like to sell small amount like that, even singles. A lot of people who smoke can go through a gram in 5 minutes. Man up and buy a quarterSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  9. Ask him for a 8th next do you make a gram last five weeks though? Wtf lol
  10. That's some good advice on asking about the quarter.
    If you want to keep this guy selling to you follow through though. It would be annoying to ask about it and never get more than a gram. You would prob get a price cut too and for you a quarter would last almost 9 months. It helps lower risk and situations like this as well.
  11. I get it. It's hard to find contacts. Trust me, try being a chick in Melbourne with no contacts and then come talk to me. But you don't want to annoy your dealer. Sure, he may be running a business and depends on customers, of course, but not on customers who don't buy much. It's like coming into my store, buying a 600ML carton of milk when you know you're going to want way more than that and then asking if I can give you a plastic bag to carry your milk in. And then there's a customer waiting with a trolley load of shopping. Who am I going to give the bag to? 
    At the same time, how long has he been your dealer? A year or more? You'd think he would know by now that maybe you don't buy much, but you've been loyal to him. Just call him, be chill and mention you're still keen to buy from him. 
  12. 9 months?Holyshit anyways thanks for the advice guys
    I've been buying from him maybe 3 months,really 1 month sense he's only came through one time but I get what your saying
  13. Sweet He said he'll have some tomorrow so Im not sure Im gonna get a Q sense its like 600$ I'll probably get 4 grams or 5 grams sense they normally lasts me a goodcouple of months
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    I'm sorry what?
  15. Hit him up. Dealing is a form of customer service and most smart dealers aren't going to yell at you for checking in on supply. After all, when you're dealing in an illegal business, the last thing you want to do is piss your customers off. I would recommend buying a little more than a gram though. He might not want to reply to anything that's under 1/8th. Especially if prices on good weed are high in your location.
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    A quarter should be at most like $100 bro...
    Which system are we using? Metric, right?
  17. Why are you guys surprised? Here it costs 400 $
  18. You know a quarter is 7 grams right? No way it should ever cost more than $100 anywhere
  19. Hahah what a gram in 5 weeks. Omg i miss those days when so little would last so long.
  20. Yes.Yes.I know that im in Africa for vacation and its expensive here

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