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Dealer Busted.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Weedpack, May 28, 2013.

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  2. That's fucking crazy lol
  3. Were you one of the eight arrested?
  4. which one was yours?
  5. That's crazy, but if you're buying drugs regularly I guess this is bound to happen to you at some point and you lose your dealer. Most of these guys usually get caught. That's just the way it is.
    One of my mates had a regular dealer here that he bought weed from. A few years ago though there was a murder right outside where the dealer lived and with the police around the area the whole time the guy got caught. Pretty sure he was an illegal immigrant though so he probably just got deported from the UK.
  6. Now people are going to have to get it from their other neighbor.
  7. goddamn thousands of pounds? that's going to hurt all of PA if that is true. someone else is just going to take over though. lol 
  8. My dealer was recently busted too.  Things like this just happen in the drug world. 
  9. their set, theyll do like 8 years for it (correct me if im wrong) and then theyll never have to work hard in their life
  10. they'll probably get 10 years more or less since that is the penalty in PA for more than 1000lbs. 
  11. Yea, 10 years...t ehy're set, they got the good life now.
  12. What I want to know is how in the hell did those guys not look sketchy to you? Look at there mug shots, one of them looks like a cop for god sake. Those men look very sketchy from the start, I would have stayed away from them all.
  13. Prices jacked up!
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    My guy was John Walker, age 29. I never knew his name either until now. Its weird as fuck that this all happened, a month ago my dealer told my he was going on vacation, when he got back from vacation his phone got disconnected. I just can't believe I was getting cali shit shipped in haha.
    Also I have another connect, not quite as good. So I won't have to be dry!
  15. maybe this is why my town is dry...
  16. Dayum. The reason they got busted is because they were not paying taxes on the millions and they had guns. If only they would have invested in selling to dispensaries on the west coast. Such a shame that all that good medicine went to waste.
  17. Good for them earlier.
  18. Wow some serious operation they had...14MILLION! Yep... do the time and then enjoy life. That's why people do those huge bank jobs, take millions and millions, if they get off they're lucky, if they get caught they do the time and then what.... they got BANK!
    ...The thing is, it depends how smart they are. Would they change their lifestyle and spend on lavish items or continue to live how they live and let that money last!
    Their assets were probably seized by police.

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