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dealer (best friend) got a new strain

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by LordHeinich19, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. hey guys, has anyone here had the pleasure of blazin some northern lights? my friend just got finished harvesting some and i was wondering if it would be a good buy. I am a big fan of Indica ( major couch lock ). does it burn nicely and have good flavour?
  2. Very nice first grower strain, and yes if he put any $$$ into a decent grow setup it will be very nice smoke(mind you nothing exotic or mind blowing unless your use to mids)

    also note i wouldnt buy it if he just harvested and didnt cure it at all, it will smoke very harshly.
  3. ya i would definitely want it cured first so i guess i'll have to wait a while. thanks for the input. he's got a shitload of it! it's amazing! he grows all his "stuff" in a shed in the middle of freakin nowhere... wilderness... good cover and no popos in sight. good setup too, he knows how to do it right. he's sellin to me at 20$ an eighth, a real good pal...
  4. 20 an 8th is a amazing deal for some hg northern lights
  5. Damn good prices, if hes growing and hes experienced tell him to spring for something a little more attractive(even though it may be more diffucult to take care of) the the normal looking skunk based strains, white widow, Ak47/48, blueberry, and bubblegum are all very popular buyable strains, but either way northern lights will be very nice if grown right.
  6. damn what a deal! it really helps having pals to hook you up with your favorite and most expensive hobbies. :)
  7. which strain is the most potent? i will definitely recommend he get some if it will blow me away:D
  8. When I had NL I loved the taste and its a pretty potent strain also, overall a great smoke. Definately worth checkin out :D
  9. Well, generally AK-47 should be from what ive heard the strongest but ive heard some people complain about it being overly potent, but theres others like jack herer(very expensive seed though)warlock and mr nice guy(G13xhash plant) all of those will hurt the pocket though
  10. oh man i love it i just split a 1/4 with a friend, good stuff, strong high and the stuff we got was very nice to smoke. only draw back was it was almost to potent for a blunt lol, just fell right to sleep
  11. i need to get a hold of some northern lights #5 seeds some day, grow that shit up!:smoke:
  12. There's just sooo many strains... it's insanity. I've been getting this amazing, perfectly cured, AK-47 lately. It comes in these huge fluffy buds, I love it.
  13. I think for the most part all the white strains are probably the most potent around right now. white widow, white rhino, ice, ak-48, etc. enjoy your bud, man. :) i'm not really into that couchlock thing though. sativa heady highs all the way for me. :smoke:
  14. NL is an amazing strain. Great head high that will have you laughin your ass off for hours.
  15. IF you do get some tell me how it goes.
  16. how long does it take to cure NL? i dont wanna call him and sound like a jackass:D
  17. you should get your friend to grow some white russian, a cross-breed of white widow and ak-47, it is the most powerful strain out right now. It has a THC content of 22% versus white widow with a THC content of 18.29% but i imagine white russian would be really expensive.
  18. if you like the bud in my signature, it's called black russian, if he can actually get it for you become his best friend
  19. I guess i'll definitely recommend he get some white russian! might be a bit expensive, but holy shit, 22%:eek:? ... that black russian looks delicious:D good pic
  20. Northern Lights is my all time favorite!

    Here's some I picked up earlier this year...


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