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Deadmau5 at the 9:30 club!

Discussion in 'Clubs, DJ’s and Festivals' started by 3mBr3y-0-, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. it was awsome!! Definately in my top 3 concerts ive been to. did anyone else here at the city attend? what did u think?
  2. I wish I could have gone. I bet it was amazing.
  3. Did he stop the concert at anypoint to run to security to tell on the people smoking weed in the audience?
  4. whaaaat? no he didnt, did he do that at a show u were at? thats such a dick move
  5. Lol nah. Apparently at some show, Rusko was smoking back stage and deadmau went and told security.
  6. What was the setlist for the show?

  7. fuck deadmau5

    rusko > deadr4t

    Yea at a show, rusko was in the back smoking weed and deadmau5 went and told security on him.

    they were talking shit to eachother on ruskos twitter
  8. I like Deamau5 a lot but thats real shitty :mad:

  9. it was at global dance festival colorado this year.

    whatta dumb minimalistic pussy, eh?
  10. Yeah... for real.

    Saw him in Asheville last year w Burns. Really amazing show. Didn't seem to have an issue with the mj floatin around the crowd that night.

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