Deadly Games

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by tabou21, Jun 7, 2003.

  1. Sending out a letter
    hope to be recieved
    In this tiny little note
    a phrase to decieve

    "I love you" it says
    you hope its true
    but deep in your heart
    you know love is cruel.

    Slice and bleed
    as my eyes came to tears
    in my mind it races
    seeing all my years.

    Dreaming of life
    seeing my death
    you start to cry
    as i lose my breath.

    I call this deadly games.this is my first poem i ever wrote.i wrote it just now.i dont know if it is good.ive never done this just came to me.i hope it makes sense.i hope it is poetry and not some jibberish.let me know what ya think....thanks ........Todd

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