DEA official decries states’ legalization of marijuana

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    I can't stand these articles and how illogical they are. He complains that there are more dispensaries than Starbucks', yet they don't complain that there are many more locations that sell alcohol than Starbucks'.
    For example within a one mile radius of my house there are 8 bars, 3 liquor marts and even a brewery. That's in the suburbs too.
    If you're going to be a prohibitionist than logically you have to be against all drugs, including alcohol.

  2. "But alcohol isnt a drug!"
    Unfortunately most people don't think it is.
  4. "Selfish Prick Defends His Over-inflated Importance"
    Most of the people who are fighting this are the one who are selfishly worried about their own job.  For example, the drug police who know that this will hurt their insane budgets.  They will fight to keep their income steady even if it means putting people in jail and destroying lives for a harmful plant.
  5. [quote name="chzdgg" post="19352690" timestamp="1389898555"]Unfortunately most people don't think it is.[/quote]The fact that this is so true makes me sick sometimes. People treat alcohol like it's not a drug. Like the other day I was watching family feud and the number one answer for what you do when your tense was to drink. Not I take a long walk, read a good book, or listen to music but rather I take a drug. Not to mention sitcoms like how I met your mother which glorify drinking and rarely ever show you the consequences. It just pisses me off that our culture pushes kids towards getting shitfaced drunk every weekend but claims that weed is so much worse for you. If I was the dea I would spend my efforts on educating kids about alcohol which is abused a thousand times more than any other drug by teens.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  6. Their fear over this is getting stronger and sweeter every week.
  7. he's defending his income, nothing more and doing a poor job at it i might add.
    Couldn't agree more, it's a bunch of government thugs who only know how to make a living ruining lives.
  9. Agreed with above poster, totally defending his job.

    Anyone who does any research would make this gentleman look silly in a debate.

    If the USA gov retains a patent for cannabis as an antioxidant and neuroprotectant, and other pharmaceutical companies hold similar patents, how would it be irresponsible to legalize? Everybody can grow and have access to this wonderfully medicinal plant.

    But of course that's why the DEA gentleman is really in an uproar. Total loss of income and people to jail . Luckily times are changing. People like him are going the way of the dinosaur.
  10. The only thing they are scared of is a decreasing budget which will put some of the weed rangers out of a job. They have banked on public fear for far too long so they could profit off public tax dollars. 
  11. he just wants to make his job easy so he can chase down potheads all day instead of crackheads.
  12. I'm surprised none of you have not picked up on the fact that Mr. Capra said "every part of the world where this has been tried, it has failed time, and time again." He just told a lie right there because the only place it's been tried is Uruguay, Colorado, and soon, Washington. So tell us Mr. Capra where else has this been tried?I read this article yesterday in the Huffington Post, and people picked up on it, and asked the same questions!
  13. These old fucks are going to die one day. Then us 80 Babies will take over and run this world the way it's suppose to. Our president will one day have a 2pac tattoo and common sense.. Only then will we be well off.
  14. Now there's an original thought :laughing:   It's more likely you'll be working a shitty, low wage job and paying rent to the Chinese. 
  15. with 55% support and growing its only a matter of time. remember the media is not representative of reality. most Americans are on the far left on all issues and its only continuing like this. republicans as was stated above are dying off. everyone in this thread has said the obvious, that this guy says whatever he is paid to. if we can get money out of politics there is hope.
  16. the fact that you think there is any difference at all between a republican and a democrat is quite laughable.
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