Dea Finds 3000 Plant Growhouse In Ny...

Discussion in 'General' started by BorisBadenov, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Damn. While I support Weed I cannot condone what this woman did. Currently Weed is illegal and by doing what she did she put the well being of her family in jeopardy. This is not what a responsible parent does. She broke the law no one forget that.
  2. shit. i know a few people in scarsdale. im gonna make some calls and see if anyone knows this lady
  3. The real life Nancy Botwin!
  4. i probably smoked some of her weed
  5. Shoot, she has to have some kinda brains, her home is gorgeous! And I believe at ;least one of the kids were in there 20's? Although I am not into mass growing for profit, she def. has my support, no harm, no foul, unless she is really a terrorist.
  6. But Nancy was pretty hot...
  7. With that amount of weed I'll be too high to care lol

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