DD cat pee ne1 herd?

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  1. this is my guerilla grow, ive got 42 holes dug a meter spaced between plants, i have only 10 right now -DD cat pee- cos these were grown indoors for awhile, my other plants - bermise or shichkle berry - are growing until large enough to withstand nature - pics of these too.

    toker jon

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  2. Wow, that is amazing man. You are gonna have so many buds come fall. Hope all goes well, + rep.
  3. nice plants cuz.​
  4. hey dude can you give us some information. How long have the ones in front been growing, that sort of thing. Oh yeah if you have given the little guys fertilizer yet and when you plan on doing that, I usually just guess when the plants need ferts but beginners can't.​
  5. pic 4 - 5 out of 12 plants sprouted on april 25th with absolutely no fert feedings yet.

    pic 5 - larger plants sprouted may 1st, i just used the first dose of fert for these, after pics were taken, updates hopefully soon. the fert dosage only 25% of recommendation (4 ml per litre) to see how plants would react, increase/decrease, a week later dependable on health. at this gro theres total 115 healthy plants, at my other gro theres 10, 2-month-old plants - dd cat pee - ,30 blueberry rooted clones, 12 bermise or shishkle berry age 3 weeks.

    5 days ago i took 30 clones from my mothers, there in my room under light and getting roots. im readily accessible to pics and updates, just ask killer.
  6. 15 days and an update. no fert feedings except for the larger in ground plants fed twice weekly.

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  7. About your PM, your outside with the best light ever (the sun) dont need to lst or fim or anything, light penetration has already done its job.

    use that bloom and you will be amazed and what you get... Gotta love outdoors.
  8. huh what you mean already done its job, your saying you don't lst or fim outside only inside?
  9. Yes the sun light penetrates more than enough.. LST is mainly used inside to allow the light to get thru and to keep things low. You can fim if you like, i do fimming outdoors all the time but your plant looks already nice and branched out, if you want a monster take the branches and hold them down horizontally to the ground via string and hooks in the ground....

    by the time your season reaches for flowering in 3 months god help you :) its gonna be a mess to clean :)
  10. I dunno if cat pee is the same as cat piss but the piss is some sticky dank thats one of my favs. Good luck with the grow and enjoy.
  11. hah yes some1 thats herd, lol, probly piss or pee, buddy told me it's one of the top strains in vancouver, that's all i know.
  12. i know it sounds kinda lame but marajuna is just a really pretty plant. it looks tropical and i feel like if it had fruits they would be the best tasting fruit ever. also they just grow in cool patterns.
  13. they DO have fruits, and like all fruits they have to ripen before theyre picked. only difference these fruits are smoked!
  14. yea...i love those tasty fruits that grow on marijuana plants.

  15. Plants produce their seeds in either a flower or a fruit.

    MJ produces its seeds in a flower.
  16. my mistake :eek:
  17. thats cool that you spaniards have the same outdoor season as me, that means comparison of buds when they finish.
  18. i prefer being called british:)
  19. Heh i like how the yellow one (in the second from last pic i think) just sticks out from all the green ones hah.
    killer grow ++Rep++
  20. English, actually.

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