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  1. Hey guys... I'm new to gc and a relative newbie in general. I'm just now to the point where I'd like to find my own connections and really enjoying learning about strains etc. Not 100% sure I feel the difference between indica and sativa. I think it just depends on other factors besides which type it is.. I'm stoned right now and rambling... Lol.... Anyone else from dc or 270 corridor?
  2. 301/202 Here, welcome:smoke:
  3. 313 fuck free world
  4. I'm in the 301/202 area. It took me a while to get everything sorted out, but if you look hard enough there's some really good shit around here. Feel free to hit me with any specific questions. Good luck, dear sir or ma'am.

    ...yeah I'm fucking blazed.
  5. Ive got a good question I just moved back here. I lived here most of my life but now it seems i cant find even the worst. Im way to paranoid to just randomly ask a stranger. I use to goto the strip back in the day but im even more paranoid to do that. got any suggestions? :smoke:
  6. Hey guys thanks for saying hi... I haven't had much luck except for some really shady peeps I'd rather not deal with. But I was thinking abut getting seeds. Anyone tried that with success? I was visiting a friend last weekend who has primo land to grow on I hope I convinced him to do it! Lol. I'll bet it'll go dry this winter shit!
  7. I'm high as heeeeellls right now found some bubblegum last weekend. AND I visited the headshops in Frederick... Really awesome have u been? Lots of people smoking up there I was surprised!

  8. Hello all. I'm in the same boat in DC - I've been getting mostly schwag to mids could really use some dank in my vape. Any help appreciated.

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