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  1. Sorry if this has been a thread before, but which vaporizer do you guys prefer most?:smoking:
  2. Both made by the same company, one has a bigger airflow hole, bout the only real big difference, aside from a hands free attachment
  3. If you want hands free, get the Buddha.

    If you want a bit of a thicker, richer hit and are willing to give up hands free to get it, get the Surfer.

    The Surfer has a more concentrated air flow to allow for a thicker hit, but it requires one to manipulate the bowl to get an even vape on the bud. The Surfer also has a heater angle that faces downwards at a 45 degree angle to help to keep the bud away from the heater. The Surfer is also made in the USA versus the Buddha which is manufactured in China.

    You can get a hands free attachment with a Surfer but at an additional cost (comes stock with the Buddha), but hands free on the Surfer kind of defeats one of the strong points of the vape to begin with.
  4. i would go with the ssv. personally, i own both. however, i prefer the "standard" hands free option the ssv comes with, aswell with all the possibilities to customize, really enhances the overall experience of it all
    feel free to PM me about any questions..

  5. That's kind of an oxymoron. If it's "standard", it's not an option, eh? Anyways, considering the concentrated air-flow of the SSV and being that to get an even vape on your bud, you need to manipulate the bowl, why would you prefer a hands free connection? Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of one of the advantages of the SSV. And if one wants hands free, why not get Da Buddha where you can get it for no additional charge, because it does come that way. It's not an option with the Buddha and the reason why the Buddha comes with hands free is because of the wider air path that does not require bowl manipulation to get an even vape.

  6. well i learned something kinda new, so dbv it is for me
  7. ^^ The DBV is a great tape, but know that it doesn't offer up quite the super, rich thick hit that the SSV provides. It all has to do with how concentrated the airflow is. Not a huge difference, but a difference none the less.
  8. I said I prefer the "standard" option because whenever you order an SSV you have that, and you have the GG option and the SGG option, so don't be a smartass with me when I'm trying to help out.
    Some people don't like manipulating the angle of the wand though and prefer the GG option, which isnt bad in my opinion at all, but it's more for a public setting if you ask me..
    Overall, I prefer the SSV because of those small advantages that in the end are worth the few extra bucks
  9. I was going to get a SSV but the LSV looks better to me every day. Made by the same company and just a little more $ than the ssv.

    I prefer a non whip setup, and wands like the LSV can be used with pretty much any glass piece you already have, just something to think about.


    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQTpaDUZZIM]Life Saber Vaporizer - YouTube[/ame]
  10. The LSV is the newest of the three. If it suits you and you like it, by all means. I think all 7th floor products are well-made.
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    You may want to check out the following link on the SSV: http://www.fuckcombustion.com/viewtopic.php?id=3767

    Lots of user reports along with direct communication with 7th Floor regarding this vape.

    Well, I guess it sure as hell beats being a dumbass. :cool:
  12. Thanks, read that thread a few times through over the past week, I lurk the shit outta FC lately :) Its funny the see the progression from pre-sale hype to intial release and reviews to long term testing when it comes to these new, promise filled, somewhat expensive products.

    Really it all started with you talking about the PD on here and me trying to find more info... I've been going back and forth over the last couple weeks whether I want to buy a DBV, SSV, PD, and more recently since I've been reading that thread on FC the LSV. The videos and reviews from Vitolo are very convincing.

    I've been using my little hakko vaporwand a lot lately and a nicer/less dangerous version of what I already have would suit me best I think. Most other vaporwands I have seen seem to have reliability/fragility issues or are no safer/easier to handle/better than what I already have. I've just been trying to justify the price of the LSV and make sure there is absolutely nothing else available now or coming soon that I would rather have in its place.

    Homemade Vape rig
    Hakko - $30
    Heater cover - $20 (I use a gong bowl I already had)
    = $50 no temp control, no on/off button, no warranty, works well but difficult to use/dangerous

    Ceramic Element/heater unit = 50??? not sure which one they use but its comparable to hakko
    Heater Cover = 20
    Bag = $30
    Stem = $20
    Temp control knob = $10
    Water Pipe Adapter = $20
    Nice aluminum Casing = ??? A LOT
    3 year Warranty = ???

    So basically the way I see it half of the price of the LSV is in the aluminum casing and the 3 year warranty.
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    I've been doing lots of 7th Floor research myself. Many, many vaporist I respect pretty much endorse their vapes. And they are the most appealing quality vaporizers i've come accross on the market so far (fuck the volcano, haha). Even down to just the simple design I find them appealing, and I dig the whip style way more than bag or log style vapes. But my first thought was maybe someday in the distant future to purchase a Silver Surfer and Da Buddha. But although both get incredible reviews, the SSV is what appears to be the higher quality. Only thing is I see myself wanting is hands free occasionally when getting vaked with friends. But i'd also want the regular wand cause the SSV is supposed to give better hits with the angle and all. But if the SSV has a ground glass connection as well, I see that as the best of both worlds. Maybe I could get the regular wand/connection then make a little side order of the ground glass wand/connection sometime...Damn, so many options. But either way, like I said, for some reason seeing 7th floors stuff impresses me everytime (LSV, definately) so when I decide to go ahead and upgrade to my own stationary vape, thats the company I see myself going with.

    Thanks for all the tips though guys. One question Iwien, I thought 7th Floor was an American company and their factory is in Colorado. But then why are DBVs manufactured in China? I've always been told to stay far away from foreign made vapes due to inferior quality.
  14. 7th Floor IS an American Company doing business in Colorado, but they subbed the manufacturing of the Bhudda offshore to China but all of the final QC happens back here. Also, being that 7th Floor sub-contracted out the work, they have much more control over the manufacturing than a Chinese owned company making generic vaporizers who only have to answer to themselves.

    Hope that makes sense.
  15. The reason the DBV is made in china is because it brings, while extremely similar to the SSV, cheaper parts from china. That doesn't mean it's not durable or anything, it just means those parts were ordered from china lol

    As for the GG connection to the SSV, that's how I first ordered mine. I've got a custom-made standard wand, a normal standard wand, as well with a normal GG wand, and of course the two different types of heater covers. Both the GG and the standard are great and I've got zero complaints on either, it just all depends on your style of use. I usually don't mind holding the wand up for those 5-10 secs while I'm taking my hit, but when I'm watching TV and just hitting the vape every few minutes without paying attention, I do prefer the GG.
  16. Thats exactly how I see myself. Taking time with the regular wand sometimes to get the best hits possible. But then using the ground glass when I just wanna sit back and relax. I think i'll just order both as well once I decide to upgrade! But my mind is more set on the SSV than the DBV definately.
  17. good luck man, it's definitely worth it in my opinion. :) provide some pics of your unit when it arrives if you decide to follow through with the purchase

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