Daylight and or Soft White CFLs

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  1. Okay, so I've made my first possible fuck up with my grow.:confused:

    My seeds are breaking soil and will need to get under some lights probably by tonight. So I have already set up my grow and purchased 6 * 26 watt Soft White bulbs. When i bought them it didnt specify whether they were daylight or soft white i had to go on the GE website to figure that out.

    My monetary situation is less than stellar right now, had to take my kitten to the vet for an ear infection and that shit killed my wallet. So fixing this might be a bit of a problem for about a week or so.

    I know that daylight bulbs are essential for the veg state when doing a CFL grow, but I guess my questions are:

    how essential are they actually?

    Can i proceed with the soft white until I can buy some daylights or just put the plants in the window sill?

    And when I do get the daylights for the veg stage would it be better to just use the daylight, or would a mixed spectrum be better?

    Thanks and good morning.

  2. If you can't get your hands on the daylight bulbs at the moment, what other choices do you have? Use the soft white bulbs but get those daylight bulbs ASAP!!! Everything I have read said you MUST use daylight CFL's for the veg state. And now is the more important than ever since your plant has sprouted.

    Good luck!
  3. Any light is better than no light - but get the right lamps in asap :laughing:. Good luck with it.

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