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day after daze/pot hangover?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Neon Opal, May 8, 2011.

  1. idk if there is even a name for this but it's that hazey washed out feeling you get the next day after you were really stoned- sometimes it feels like you still a bit high...anyone else get this? does it have a name? usually I find it pleasantly drained kind of feeling and I like it but a couple times it's been mildly unpleasant (maybe more like I imagine an alcohol hangover but I never had one of those) in those cases is there anything to help it go away? just curious -thanks
  2. "highover". I get it all the time, usually my friends don't though so at first I was a bit worried but I guess it's normal now xD
  3. I like to call this a Ganjover, and I get them after a heavy nights smoking!
  4. My friend gets it but I don't really feel that different. If I get a good sleep I'm fine.
  5. Stoneover man.
  6. It's so easy to make it go away, just smoke some more.
  7. if you wake up and experience a 'hangover' from weed, all you have to do is smoke a one hitter, and you will blast off right back to how you felt the night before.

    Its sooo awesome.
  8. I used to get this when I was a new smoker. I attributed it to staying up way too late. Now that I smoke during the day, I don't get it.
  9. I get it sometimes. Not as often as I used to though.
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    Man that mug will be hittin you hard the next mornin if you burn a few bowls of schwag out a ol aluminum can on deck
  11. my one friend said he never had it and one said he had it a few times when he first started smoking like a couple of you.... lol-yeah the one day when it felt yuck I wondered about just taking a couple more hits (had been experimenting with edibles the last couple weeks after a 5 month break) but my mom was coming over and she's hard enough to deal with...but I'll probably thy that sometime. I like to just have that hazy feeling the next day though that is nice.
  12. I wouldn't say I feel bad the day after smoking a ton. I usually just feel really chiiill.
  13. My friends have talked about it and like 3 people I know reckon smoking makes them irritable the next day. Personally I don't feel any day after effects unless it's from staying up too late while smoking.
  14. That's what happens when you intoxicate your body. Just smoke less next time if you don't want lingering effects.
  15. hzve some valium and relax
  16. Me and my friends call it 'afterburn', just a small lapse of energy the next day and a cloudy brain. I don't usually get it anymore, just when I was a noobie at smokin ganj. :hello:
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    I only get it if I smoke an extremely high amount right before I go to sleep. It's not that big of a deal, just feels like I'm burnt out when I wake up, a redbull, coffee or something to that effect usually gets rid of it.

    Also, I've always called it/heard it called a kushover, as it usually only happens when you smoke good weed.
  18. Yeah I feel like shit right now
  19. lol vallium try crack!
  20. I am nearly able to get high of a dank J and I still get this feeling everytime! Damn I need a glass piece...

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