Day 9 12/12 -couple o' questions

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    I have a couple of quick questions...

    - Can anyone identify sex yet?
    - I circled in red a "branch" i topped, will this grow into the "Y" such as it would topping the main stem?
    - Does it look healthy and if not, what can i do to make it prime?:smoke::D:cool:

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    Sorry to tell u man it's still wayy to early to tell sex if it's ur only one and u wanna make sure ur not raising a male u can hit the lights to 12/12 for a couple weeks, find out and go to veg, yes u can top any branch u want and get 2-4 new tips depending on how u do it
    Edit: didn't see u wrote day 9 if 12/12.. Not showing sex this soon could be a good thing, females take longer to show, look for clear pistils coming from the growth tips, when they are small usually they show up there as opposed to internodes of branches
  3. Also I would put a book or somethin under the plant and get it within 2 inches of the light for sure, looks pretty healthy Mayb a little N deprived, kinda yellow what kind of nutes are u using?
  4. been nothing but molasses added at this point. 1tsp/gal. i have FFTB for when the buds come in. i can actually raise or lower my lights to any height within the box so i will lower them a bit. you mentioned it looking a bit yellow and i feel the same way. in fact if i can add that to one of my questions:eek:

    - What is causing yellowish color instead of a lush green? How do i fix it?
  5. After 9 days you should start seeing something.. Can you get the camera zoom a bit closer?

    Nitrogen deficiency = symptoms include poor plant growth, and leaves that are pale green or yellow because they are unable to make sufficient chlorophyll.
  6. Nutes? Water ph balanced?
  7. could the N def. be caused by not enough light. i have 100w CFL.

    also, i cant really zoom in anymore. its hard to get in close with this camera.
  8. havent started nutes yet. just molasses. 1 tsp/gal. ph is around 6.65.
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    Then start a half strength of nutes and cut the molasses until after they are up to full strength for a few days, molasses is to help the uptake of nutes, without nutes ur just depleting the soil, ease into nutes over a week, are u just sexing or goin all the way? If ur goin for gusto ad budding now, get schultz African violet plant food, if ur just sexing just go with miracle gro 24-8-16 it won't throw u back into veg even tho the N is higher than u want but it will feed the plant through sexing and u can just stick with it till flower time
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    You bet it can. I posted the nitrogen info so that you understand what Ccoastal was trying to tell you. When you buy a fert there should be 3 numbers on the package info --> 05-10-10 or 05-03-03 the first # is the Nitrogen.
    In veg you want the N to be higher than the other 2 numbers (10-5-5) in flower you want it to be less than the other 2 numbers (5-10-10) I hope thats not too much info

    Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium
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    Yeah the easiest way to think about N-P-K is N is for leaf growth(veg) P is for root growth(needed throughout especially flower) and K is for flowering so instead of thinkin N-P-K think Leaf-Root-Flower
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    100 watts is plenty for one plant but rule of thumb for cfl is 40 watts per cubic foot of lighting area so a 1x1x2 space needs a minimum of 80 watts 2x1x2 needs 160 watts if u get where I'm goin
  13. no its great! every little bit helps for the exp. although i am already familiar with nute rating and NPK. i will however be most likey getting 1 more lamp to add to the 97 i have now. figure i may just get 2 55w if i can find em.

    kickass cuz i was thinking it would only make sense that w/CFL you would probably want a tad more than 100w. fluorescents dont penetrate quite as deep as HID. plant is small and pic may have only brought justice to making it look bigger than it really is. my space is roughly 8x14x20":eek: a speaker box:cool:
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    Yeah no worries there's a huge debate wether supplying less light increases potency but ive always done like 100watt per plant or 40 per cubic foot and mine always come out amazing but I do have a strain meant just for cfl
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    just a one plant bagseed here. more of an experiment than anything but im enjoying it. btw, i can start countin down the days! i just checked on my plant before lights out and i found pistils. i believe it fem and can visibly see what ive been seeing in all these pics in the City!:D:D:smoke::cool: amazing i thought i would need a magnifying glass but they have really shot out. at 10 for lights out im going to be giving it a thorough watering with 1/4 strength=1tsp/gal FFTB to start her off..

    i wish i could post some pics but my camera is junk and cant focus in that close.

    mid bloom i may post some pics but i will most def be posting in the bud shots sub after harvest! ill label it Li'l Dize's 1st Harvest!
    thx all for your help.
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    Nice lookin forward to seein what's goin down it's always good to see one cone out girl :D :smoke::relax:
  17. mods please "DELETE" this thread! thank you.

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