Day 78 bag seed grow

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  1. Day 78 since sprout.

    I had plenty of problems with mag/cal def, my buddy hooked me up with 3 part flora nutes, MAGiCAL it has mag and cal in it. Plus fox farms beastie bloomz, open sesame, and cha ching.

    I gave it a 1/4 tsp of open sesame, along with the 3 part nutes and a 1/4 tsp of MAGiCAL.

    I flushed yesterday, then watered today with the nutes. Although I'm still getting some sort of an N claw, is it from too much N or not enough? And i'm 3 weeks into flowering, think its going at a good rate? not seeing much crystals though... and the other plant that is topped and going slow as hell, i flowered it the same time, and its showing only like 6 hairs per node, no buds yet.

    Forgot to add a few details: Soil is fox farms happy frog, and i have a 600w hps above this baby. Did all vegging with cfls

    What you think though? ANd estimate on yield?

    Thank you

    the tallest is about 23", the topped one has 5 bud sites on top

    any criticism is welcome :)

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  2. anyone? :(
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    Its nutrient burn.

    People are always in such a hurry to give the plant food.I see nute burn atleast twice a day here.

    When vegging you dont need to feed till you see new growth coming out very light green to an almost yellow.Dont let it get yellow but close is ok.If you wait to see this,and feed then in just a day or 2 youll see the nice vibrant green new growth again.

    Next dont feed by the instructions on the bottle or what not.Do 1/2 or even 1/4 the strenght recommended.Especially to small plants.If your coming from seed dont feed for atleast 2-3 weeks after sprouts.Again the plant will tell you when it needs it.

    You also have to be careful with new strains.Some MJ cant take hardly any nute.Other will take all you can give.But the sensetive ones burn so easy.Thats why you always start with weak feedings.

    Also when you flush you want to wait more then a day to feed again.It'll take up to 5-7 days to start recovering.You will see it easily.

    Hope this helps

  4. So the curling down is nute burn? Too much N?
  5. Looks like a sativa to me so you are probably gonna have at least 10-13 weeks for flower if I'm right so 3 weeks in you still have at least 9-10 weeks? Still plenty of grow time for them to show fat buds, not sure on the nutes side of it but what the guy above said is right, never give the stated amount on the bottle at 1st always work from a small dose upwards untill the plant itself tells u enough is enough :)
  6. thanks man.

    that sucks lol, not terrible but another month 1/2 - 2.

    damn! i just want some bud already, this is my first grow.. i want results! :) Thanks for the replies though, much appreciated. And I do always give it like 1/2 strength recommended, but i just found out a few hours ago fox farms happy frog has a ton of organic nutes in it which is why im over feeding. i saw you can almost do a whole plant without adding any nutes, just low yields.
  7. I would suggest for you to grow a pure or higher ratio indica if u want quick results.

    I have some black sugar growing now, will veg for 2-3 weeks then flower for 55-60 days
  8. Would you have an estimate on my yield per plant? THe one on the right will yield more i assume because its topped
  9. Anyone can say a number but it will never be right unless they get lucky.

    All plants are different, even if I grew the same strain in the same atmosphere as you , one of us will come out better off purely because of the genes in the plant.

    Best thing to do is not expect too much as that way you won't be dissapointed, yeild comes with experience just remember that, as long as you have good weed just be happy with it as you will get better with every grow :)
  10. Anyone elses 2 cents?
  11. Make sure you don't over water...sometimes I don't water my babies for 4 days... try different about of nutrients to figure out what works good..

    It's all about experimenting and bettering yourself for the next grow..
  12. Whats up dude? The plants look great to me! The 600 will def help you get a couple zips off each plant.. at least! You probably do have bout 30-45 days left on these little ladies though.:D
  13. Thanks man, encouraging comments gives me hope! And damn this grow is taking so long :p ill be patient

    although I think i have some sort of caterpillar problem or something, haven't found any but leaves are being eaten, not mites. And i wasn't worried before but now they're eating really close to the bud on the leaf. I've read they will eat the buds too, i need to do something to stop whatever is gnawing.

    Will neem oil treat it even if it isnt a caterpillar? is this safe to spray directly on the plant?

    ill take some updatge pictures in asecond
  14. I saw those spots when I first looked at your plants.. sometimes the leaves will come out with little cuts and pieces missing.. I have noticed that it happens more with not so great genetics... I had some bagseeds that did it really bad, but I've also had fem seeds and good genetics do it too.. just not as bad.

    Neem oil is a must anyways.. Prevention is key when growing, cause if it can happen.. it will. I know now to just assume for the worst and prepare for it. I use a product called Aamax which has the same active ingredient as neem oil but without the smell and it is concentrated so its easier to mix up for the correct dosage. You can pick it up at your local hydro shop or order it online. It completely safe to use up to harvest and its all organic good shit derived from natural stuff ya know?

    I just spray it on all the undersides of the leaves and then drench the top layer of soil with it.. got rid of my bug problem pretty quick. I also use something called a Hot Shot pest strip that I hang in every tent and the grow room itself. I thought at first it was a sticky strip, but it just hangs there and puts off a bug killer.. kills anything that flies and also works great on mites. Can be picked up for like 5 bucks at Home Depot or Lowes.

    Looks like I got a hold of some good green... I'm just a rambling away. Haha keep up the good work bro! Research everything and just keep reading! I feel like a walking marijuana encyclopedia, but in reality I hardly have scratched the surface to understanding this amazing bush.:smoke:

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