Day 4 problems?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by McDuffeexpress, May 14, 2010.

  1. So the first leaves are in, one leaf is very droopy while the other is very high sticking up. Its a good 2 maybe 3 inches the 2nd "node" is coming in like it should but should I worry about this I turned my 8 hour old fan off just in case it was causing it, even though I have it bouncing off walls not direct. I am using "natural" soil , A baggie seed , the stem is kinda greenish-purplish , I water only when needed , 24hr light , about 4 inches away , I have my temp set between 75-80 at all times, the natural soil had 3 months of fertilizer. I may be listing all this stuff for no reason if its supposed to happen , but I doubt it.

    No camera till tomorrow night
  2. Those first two little leaves have another name and they are supposed to look retarded.
  3. lol, thank you so much for replying
    I can get some sleep now
  4. haha i read this and laughed so hard for some reason. but ya, they are called cotyledons and mine have all been "retarded" :p and fallen off or died at some point in veg.

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