Day 33 of flowering pics..... White widows

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  1. Got a question for you all, I checked my tric colour and nearly all are milky :( It's only been 5 1/2 weeks of flowering! How long in most peoples exprience does it take for WW to finish? I thought ww took around 8-9 weeks :( . Or does this sound about right?
  2. are the pistils dying back more than 60%?
    i did the widow 3-4 yrs ago and think i had the same dilema.... i took plenty of samples to see if they were ready .... they all got me completely high but in the end i wished id just waited to week 8-9 to start sampling.......
    id wait ...but if the pistils start dying back more than 80% i think youre doing more harm than good .02
  3. WW is a late finisher. Depending on your seed comp.

    Yours looks nothing like mine. however

    General rule of thumb for all widow strain, when you think they are ready, drop from 12 to 8 and let go for three days without water AT ALL!!, the last day shut off lights and let stand in 100% dark for 24. You will see why!

    Dutch Passion Seeds WW = 50 - 50 indica to sativa

    Nirvana Seeds = 60%sativa 40 indica. Little later, but my #1 choice. BEST PLANT EVER! ( I get a better trichome count on my refined WW then I do off Lavender (the over all cup winner!) Better buzz and better taste if organic.
  4. WW LST/SCROG, about week 3 of 12/12

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  5. Cool dude, cheers for the info :smoking:
    will keep in mind about dropping the lights and last day of darkness :D
  6. Ya man thanks for that info i will do that with mine. Busted your quite a ways ahead of me, im only on day 8 of flower.
  7. :smoking:
    Looks like we both learnt something ;)
    I'll keep you's posted on how they turn out! Looking too good at the moment :D

  8. hey busted i like your plants you said you topped and then LSTed did you cut off the fan leaves and then tied down each node or did you just tie down the whole stalk at a 90 degree angle. I cant tell from the pic thanks
  9. Hello there :wave:
    After they got topped i gave them a few days then tied them down at a near 90 degree angle, i counter tied it at the base so not to damage any roots. I left all the fan leaves alone they soon sorted themselfs out ;) . As the new branchs grew i tied them out around the pot. I used slip knots on my ties so i could easily raise or lower a branch to keep them all level, wortked pretty well so i'll be doing the same with my new grow. hope that helps

  10. yup thanks a lot and good luck with ur new gro
  11. That plant looks great man. HOw much do you think its gonna yield? im gonna use lst on my plants.
  12. damn she look sexy as hell did you oder them seeds online an also where are you from
  13. Your setup looks similar to mine, and I'm also considering WW. Two questions- 1) what's the total age of these plants (is 33 the total age? if so, when did you start flowering?) and 2) how's the odor?

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