Day 33 of flowering pics..... White widows

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Busted, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Thought some of you might like to see how the girls are getting on :D
    Getting closer by the day till harvest :hello:

    How they looking people?








  2. wow man. very beutiful ladies. love the cola sizes. hope mine get that big. LOL im just on day 10 of flower and the strectch has stopped so let the fun begin LOL. anyways, lookin very nice, you should be a very happy man soon enough. also, your from my neck of the woods which is cool.
    Just Blaze It......
  3. Cheers for the comments JustBlazeIt :)
    Not too bad for a 1st grow and only cfl's if i do say so myself lol :D
    Your from my part of the world too cool:cool: , didn't think there was many of us on here :wave:
    Goodluck with the rest of your grow too :smoke:
  4. HIGH All, **pats Busted on The back**...looks like someone will be a smoking soon...good job guy!! I wish I could find some pics I took in 81' when I did a Floro grow....
  5. Damn man, those look amazing. i love the purple on the first shot. Im growing widow as well currently. Good luck. Post pics later too.
  6. Cheers mate:smoke:
    You'll have to hunt for them pics, would be cool to see them :)

    What stage is your grow at?
    Will keep a keen eye out for them pics :)

  7. Absolutly Beautiful +rep
  8. how long it taken ya to grow girls like that???
  10. hi there tokeitall :wave:
    They are exactly 65 days old from the moment they broke through to the surface :smoke:

    Passes the bowl to sirtokealot, cheers dude:bongin:
  11. gorgeous. how many are there total?
  12. :wave: i just wanted to ask something about my little..u may not see details but i'm gonna send a pic's from the seed that my boy forgat on the i on the right way?it's just 2 weeks.. waiting for replays.. thanx and here is turkey so it's not allowed to smoke or something about weed.. :confused:
  13. here is the poor photo

    Attached Files:

  14. How did you prune them? What kind of lamp (assuming it's HPS) Wattage and what kind of hood? What is the square footage of your flowering room? How many plants do you have? What size containers? What height were they when you put the lights on 12/12?
  15. Hi there, Guess your english isn't great but i think i understand you :)
    Yes your on the right way, just read as much as possible. Try the FAQ section, you should find plenty of helpful info.

    I've got 2 plants in a 2x2x5 foot cab, so 4 sqft. They were both topped at the 6th node then just lst'd. I'm using all cfl's (no hps) 240watts and hood is home made ;) . Pot size is big lol don't know exact size :smoking: but i've since then got hold of square pots for next grow. The height was around 12-16 inchs when they went into 12/12. Cus i'm using cfl's i wanted to get a short evenly spread bush to get better light coverage, any taller than they are now and the lights wouldn't be so effective i don't think.

  16. :cool: noone wants to help me......:( don't even know a thing about my little little's just growing i cannot help them there is 3 of them..
  17. thank u so much..yes as i have told before i'm wwriting from turkey:) so i can not tell u wut i'm trying to say.. i hope my little and my english are gonna be allright i will try to send clear photo , i would be so happy if u could help me..i want to make my boy absolutely make him surprised.. so how can i know what sort of weed it is.
  18. If you dont know anything about growing, and you dont know good enough english to read up in the forum, then the best and easiest way I can tell you to grow these plants is by doing this...

    You need to have the 3 plants in pots in its own area. It can be in your closet, or somewhere in your house that can have up to 12 hours of uninterupted darkness. During this stage of the plants life, you should have some ( assuming you want to be on the safe side ) flourescent lighting over them. And during this stage, you should have the lighting on 24 hours a day and the light has to be close to the plant, an inch or two away is working for me. Im personally using a 150w flourescent light bulb to grow me seedlings. Me and you are pretty much at the same point in growing too. Ok, once the plants have gotten 8 to 12 inches tall, ( or some people jugde by anywhere between the second and third node on the main stem ) you turn the light scedule to 18 hours on/6 hours off. The light feeds the plant and it needs the 6 hours off to rest and such. Once the plant become mature enough ( I go by when the stems have alternating nodes ), you change the light scedule to 12 hours on/12 hours off. Now your putting it in its flowering stage, this is the point where your marijuana starts to grow its buds and get heavy. Flowering marijuana can take up to two months, and starting your seeds and veging them takes up to two months...for the best yeild and whatnot. So its a long process. And there are a lot more details that you should try to read up on before starting your first grow. Ive come to realize its a lot more complicated than it looks. That should keep you on the right track though untill you can read up on it more.

    And oh yeah, Soil if very important, you want the right soil. Look around the forum a little to find what a good soil is. and fertalizer...these can make or brake your plant. And your pots should drain well, you dont want water build up because it heightens the risk of root rot...and you dont want that. just read up more, hope I was a help. ha:smoking:
  19. HIGH All, welcome to The City pearl5....can't say what kind of weed it is..just have to wait...just remember not to water too much.

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