Day 23 First Grow 250w CFL

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    Hi, first timer here, haven't posted before but have been very busy reading. This place is a goldmine!

    Would really like to hear comments and any opinions you have.

    Main problems are patchy colours on leaves and purply stems.

    Tried making a post yesterday but wouldn't work and I lost it, starting over. :smoke:

    Put the first seeds into soil 23 days ago and I've found myself where I am now. Wasn't intending on growing, had some decent but very seedy bud and put them on some wet paper towels. After a day or two the roots popped out and I couldn't kill them so they got potted, another day or two they popped out of the soil and I felt bad again so bought them a 250w CFL. :eek:

    4 surviving bagseeds, 3 Arjan's Strawberry Haze and will have a range of chillis growing at the same time. :D

    Gonna name them, layout in room.
    BS1 BS2
    BS3 BS4

    BS1 + BS2 are the same age, BS3 + BS4 are 3 days younger. BS3 was transplanted into that pot 2 days ago so is a little stunted compared to BS4.

    All are planted in Plagron Royalty Mix and fed with filtered tap water stood for a couple of days. Will be getting a pH tester asap.

    Pics soon
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    I've topped (I missed??) BS1 to see what happens. Put some pegs down to see how they take to shaping. Practicing with the bagseed while the arjan's are young, they're probably going to get big so I think topping and training is the way to go. :smoking:

    In pic 7 / 10 you can see leaves starting at the bottom of a leaf, is this normal?

    What are the patchy colours on the leaves of BS1? They appeared when they were growing in the original soil, stopped getting worse when moved into the plagron but even new leaves are like that.

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    Top down view and light

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  4. How are my roots doing? Is it time for another transplant?

    Growth has slowed down a bit but I'm going to guess that's because I'm abusing them and they're taking time to heal. Is there a way to tell if it's the roots slowing growth?

    Are the new leaves on the leaves anything to worry about? I thought the buds came from there. :eek:

    Is it auto? Trying to flower? No obvious sacks are visible at least. I can get a better camera if it's really necessary.

    I bent the stem of one but I think I was a little rough, it started to smell as soon as it happened but the top of the plant still turned to the light.

    I started misting the room a little and I think the leaves have got brighter and more colourful, is this my imagination or what? No humidity meter yet.

    Is there any way to tell what strain I'm dealing with here? Are my fem arjan's in any danger?

    Mmmm, messy questions. Thanks for your time if you read them. :wave:

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  5. I would definently transplant. Growth slows when root-bound.
  6. Will transplant tonight. Two of them anyway, give that one a chance to heal its stem.

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