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Dose this set up look suitable for 4 plants? Its 3×3×4 with a 125 cfl and 3 led grow bulbs full spec

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  2. It could use work.

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  3. Lol good luck

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  1. My plants got a new home and a bigger light. I am excited to see how they do. 20190718_215223.jpg 20190718_214958.jpg 20190718_215037.jpg 20190718_215201.jpg 20190718_215219.jpg
  2. They look pretty nice right now . i think you are going to run into issues later with those light not gonna get the pentration and intensity to produce a very good end product. Just my 2 cents wish you luck my friend im following along.
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  3. Any spacific light you would suggest. Im on a budget and kind of adding as I go.
  4. I been away for a while i was using hps mh never used any leds before i see hlg is proablly the best out now i got a cheap mars hydro 300w advertised blurple off ebay im planning on just 1 plant in a bubble bucket
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  5. LED grow lights have really advanced and add very little to the electricity bill. They offer a broader spectrum with little to no heat. The cfl is rated 7400k all white light. I. Attempting to give a varied spectrum. Bright white for canopy and LED for supplemental border spec under fan leaves. Not sure how it will turn out but I have been growing tomatoes, squash, and cubumber in a similar way with less watts per sq ft and trelised to give light to under growth thats not as intense but servers the new growth as if it were outdoors.

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