Day 14 harvest help

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  1. I am on day 14/15 of hang dry. And my branches are ever so slightly bendy.

    How much longer would you hang dry before putting into jars?

    Also when you hang for 2 weeks. Do you have the smell before or after moving branches?
    I understand the curing will bring out more smells, right?


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  2. Hey whats up! Gratz on harvest. The best way you can tell if the buds are ready to be put into jars if you take the biggest stem, of what ur hanging, and try to bend it. If it snaps, the buds are ready, if it bends give it a little more time.

    As for smell, I harvested once and it didn't give off much of a smell. The smell appeared after during and after the curing process, and it was strong.

    Gl with everything.
  3. What is the RH in the room your drying in? A dehumidifier might be your best answer. I’ve never been able to exceed 2 weeks of drying at 62% which is why I ask.

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