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Dawn of the Dead

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lardhead, Sep 8, 2002.


Is Dawn of the Dead Excellent, or is it just me?

  1. Yes

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  1. Is Dawn of the Dead quality entertainment? or is it just me?
  2. Of course! I'm a massive fan of George Romero, and B-Movies in general. I prefer Day of the Dead though, as it's more gory, and actually quite convincing :)

    My favourite B-Movies are either The Evil Dead, or Braindead (this one is totally gross... and was directed by Peter Jackson who did Lord of the Rings).

    Come to think of it... I've never watched any of these while I've been stoned....
  3. Go see 'redneck zombies' (a troma film) and re-animator.
  4. yes. zombie movies are way way cool. resident evil, anyone ;)

  5. Blam resident evil. That isn't a REAL zombie movie. Like Dawn of the Dead, Evil Dead, ZOMBIE (of which I have an awesome t-shirt with a picture of a zombie), Return of the Living Dead, there's just so many.
  6. Honestly, Dawn of the Dead is a classic movie, never watched it stoned, though. Could be fun..
  7. Dawn of the Dead is one of the few movies to have the honor of the poster being on my wall. I love that movie, along with all zombie movies for all that, but Dawn is my favorite though.

  8. I don't know. I believe you're thinking of the zombie girl from Return of the Living Dead 4. Remember the part in that movie when she pulled off the immigrants head so he had a long as spine for a neck and looked like a giraffe? Pure gold.
  9. LOL! Nobody talking about DAY of the Dead???? It's the best one in the trilogy!!!
  10. As somewhat of a zombie expert, I'd have to say dawn of the dead is one of the best, Zombie is very good too with the shark v zombie fight, has anyone seen some of the older stuff like zombie holocaust and city of the living dead? They are cool and have some very gory bit in them!

    Evil dead two is one of my faves along with braindead (called Dead alive in the US) as braindead has the kung-fu priest: "I KICK ASS FOR THE LORD!"

    No good zombie films made lately tho, (dont even rate Resident Evil) The most recent Zombie film I've seen is "Children of the living dead"
    I ordered it on DVD as it looked good and has got Tom Savini in it, but sadly its a bit naff and Tom Savini dies about 10 minutes into the film!

    As for the girl from the living dead films, She is in Return of the living dead part 3, I think her name is Mindy Clarke (or Clarkson) and she is very nice! I will look at my laserdisc when I get home!
  11. I myself have seen City of the Living Dead. I agree with you on your opinion of Resident Evil, it was more of an action movie than anything (although it was pretty good whilst stoned). Good call on the Return of the living Dead 3 info, I personally liked 1 the best. But since when do sequels top the original?
  12. Hasn't anyone here seen either of the 'Re-animator' movies? They're a li'l less wacky than those Sam Raimi films but still great. And the Troma stuff is all great (the toxic avenger, Srgt. Kabukiman, Redneck Zombies, etc.)
  13. I like Troma. Haven't seen much of it though... just the "classics". I'm a zombie man... BRAINS!!!!
  14. HIGH All, when it hit the theaters in 78 about 10 of us took a couple double hits of Vitamin A...waited for 1/2 an hour and then went to the bus stop and had major laughing fits going to see one of the greatest Zombie movies ever.
    Thanks for the Blast of the past D9_THC and All you other Zombie lovers.

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