Davos: Kofi Annan Urges Rising Up Against Drug Prohibition

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    Davos: Kofi Annan Urges 'Rising Up' Against Drug Prohibition
    Also on drug policy panel, Texas Gov. Rick Perry says U.S. states have a right to legalize pot. 
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    </div>\nA high-profile panel featuring Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan and Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas, discussed drug decriminalization Thursday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
    Annan and Santos, joined by Ken Roth of Human Rights Watch, condemned drug prohibition as unsuccessful and insisted on a new approach.
    "I believe that drugs have destroyed many people, but wrong governmental policies have destroyed many more," Annan said. "When we realized [alcohol] prohibition wasn't working we had the courage to change it."
    \nThe DOJ has "updated the story about the "bank fix"instead of legislation he is preparing another fucking memo,,to be disregarded without notice and the banks are NOT going for it and we shouldn't!
    \n4/20 party at Obama's house,,EVERYONE is invited,,come as you are.
  2. I am confused. Didn't the UN throw a shit fit when Colorado legalized? And what about those who have spent all of those years behind bars or had their lives destroyed over a natural plant? We should rise up now? We have been rising up only to be no-knock raided, beaten, stolen from, thrown in jail, and made to be unemployable. And people like Annan and governments across the world have benefited and profited from the very thing he is telling us to rise up against. Fuck him. He did nothing to bring this movement but now wants to jump on a train he had nothing to do with. Once a politician.....always a politician.
  3. I actually thought the bank fix article was more important than the UN article but didn't have time to do both,,then the anger from the more memo shit hit me and I added the 4/20 party,,if people are going to finally march having a 3 months to get ready would be neat,,any idea how far out of DC you would have to get a room?
    These basturds change directions so fast it gives you neck lash trying to follow which way they are going and memos are worthless and by trying to fix the bank issue with just a memo instead of legislation tells us they have no plans on changing anything,,they are going to move forward with the rehab instead of prison and continue feeding the poor into prisons to keep them full and when they fill they will just dismiss court costs and the government picks up tab on the rehab,,when beds empty out they just call a coordinator and he tells the district judges how many more they needs to send to prison,,,they can lower the prison population and avoid the federal prisons board and have a safety valve rehab to keep new meat available.
    Just like running cows through a feedlot.
    If the DOJ is still trying to write memos instead of legislating regulations it means the people that bought prohibition are not allowing legislation to mess up this machine they have spent decades building,,because there is no way to write a legal law that allows anything schedule 1 marketing or banking,,,and they ain't taking it off schedule 1.
  4. Anan: "Yeah, all those years of me supporting global prohibition? I just didn't realize what I was doing...."
    Please tell these criminals to go back to hades from whence they came.

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