~~David Lynch Appreciation Thread~~

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Echoes of Floyd, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Hey Blades! :wave:

    I just got into David Lynch not too long ago.

    I watch Eraserhead first and fell in love with it, then continued on to Mulholland Drive.

    Both great movies!!!

    What movie or series should I watch next??

    Lost Highway, Blue Velvet, or the Twin Peaks series??? Or is there something else better than that out by him???

    Thanks blades!

    This thread is also to appreciate the beautiful mind and works of David Lynch!


  2. Blue Velvet is one of my favorite movies.
  3. Lost Highway was one of my favorites for awhile so I would recommend that. In retrospect it seems a little darker than Mulholland Dr.

    Mulholland Dr. has so many amazing visuals and scenes. One of my favorite movies.:hello:

    edit: I'd recommend Blue Velvet next. There is also a Twin Peaks movie called Fire Walk With Me.
  4. Anyone else watched twin peaks?
  5. yea. probably one of the best tv shows ever.
  6. Yea, Twin Peaks was a great show.
  7. blue velvet
    there's another one that's great but I'm forgetting the name :(
  8. The ending of twin peaks was kray

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