David Cameron - Our new Prime Minister

Discussion in 'Politics' started by The Budfather, May 11, 2010.

  1. :cool:

    Who did you vote for?

  2. Why, oh why?
  3. Who did you vote for?
  4. Would you have prefered another leader of the Labour party or did you think Brown was ok?
  5. Anyone was better than Cameron, but I liked Brown. And I saw no candidates to replace Brown, Lib Dems had some, interesting, policies, although I was forced to vote tactically and go with Labour.
  6. Lol i have to admit i giggled a bit (more like laughed my ass off) at Liberals loosing seats :laughing:
  7. I made 150 quid on betting on the elections so im happy for now :p

    thinking of getting an ipod touch.
  8. Brown should be happy.

    In the good'ol days, when the Queen put in place a new Prime Minister, it usually required the execution of the previous Prime Minister.
  9. Factoid: Davey is the youngest pm we've had in about 200 years.
  10. Nice.
  11. I'm not english but to me he sounds like a socialist
  12. Congrats on forming a new government, peacefully. Hope it all works out best for everyone involved.

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