Davey Havok..Hetero, Homo..or both?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Chello42Q, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. For those of you who don't know who Havok is, he is the Frontman for A.F.I. I've been wondering for some time since i've seen this guy start wearing mascera and eye shadow. Not that it really really matters, I mean Afi is still one of my favorite punk bands, it still comes as a wonder to me, is this guy gay, or is he just really really feminine? No matter the truth it doesn't take away the fact that he is a good singer and song writer, it just makes me wonder when he kews at the beginning of some of his latest songs on "sing the sorrow" like he has something up his... ehh i don't like to think about that. Sorry off topic, post your thoughts please.
  2. I'm not sure if he is actually straight, but I think the mascare and all the makeup is part of his image, bah
  3. what does it matter?
  4. ::sighs:: i guess nobody knows for sure.
  5. it doesnt matter..but I as well wondered..
  6. i don't think it matters. he looks great i think, and his voice is really good. he can sing very high without doing it falsetto (like the bee-gees) and that takes either takes talent or very tight PVC trousers. Davey has both :)

    and by the way. don't go to the official AFI forum and ask that. everyone will get pissed off. even i got pissed off because every day there would be a new thread asking if Davey was gay.

    best band in the fucking world. it's a shame their older stuff isn't as well known as Sing the Sorrow
  7. so is he? ... not that it matters, but I'd like to know, you've all got me curious
  8. lol, i'm just leaving this thread open until some prophet comes by and enlightens us.
  9. well... seeing as i'm the biggest AFI fan in the world, and therefore on this board...

    hmm... *ponders.. prophetically* ...mmm...

    Davey Havok is a very enigmatic man. Not many people outside his immediate family even know how old he is. On the official AFI message-board, if you type in his surname it just comes up as ******** . threads about the bands personal life are closed by the Mods. I think that's pretty fair. He obviously doesn't want to be so famous that the Paparazzi are stalking him.

    And as for whether or not he is gay... I think he's either straight or bi- . i read people talking about his girlfriends on the AFI forums.

    Believe what you want is what I say. I just think he likes make-up, PVC and mesh.
  10. I will use this thread to throw a cheap shot at AFI. They are the gayest/most annoying band I have ever heard, ever. So yea to answer your question, he is a flaming homo.
  11. yes, he's a homosexual....

    actually, i have no idea, and don't really care. All i know is that the music is good :)

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