Dave Chapelle.....whatever happened to him?

Discussion in 'General' started by Aconites, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Didnt he announce earlier this year a third season of Chapelle Show? :confused:
  2. "I go crazy off them African shrooms like CHapelle...seeing killer cartoons, is it real? i cant tell." - me.

    he went "crazy" off them African shrooms man. :hippie:
  3. he didn't go crazy. he went to africa to clear his head. while there he was treated like a regular person (i.e. poor black man, like a lot of them there). he said it was such a contrast to his life here because he's famous.
  4. Speaking of good ol' Dave, Block Party comes out tomarrow on DVD :D
  5. Yay! I want Dave back.:(
  6. i think the real question is who cares?

    thats guy just isnt funny.. just obnoxious
  7. I believe you are a minority in thinking this. I among MANY people find him halarious.
  8. Yeah, I've gotta say, I'm a fan too. I think he's funny as shit, man. And not that regular, not-so-funny shit either.
  9. BAh i saw a commercial with a date on it for season 3.. but i was high and now i have forgotten :|... disapointing :'(
  10. if that is the truth then the 'dark crusaders' are nothing but filthy ******s.

    flame me if you want, but i feel the use of the word ****** is highly appropriate here.
  11. Here's JOHNNY!!

  12. yea i read that shit, if its true its downright insane.

    i don't think opera and cosby would stick their necks out that far just for the sake of repuatation though.
  13. hes funny as shit

    why the hel are there so many edit and quote buttons on your thing man
    holy shit
  14. i just read this , here

    According to Viacom.com, Comedy Central and Paramount Home Entertainment will be releasing Chappelle's Show: The Lost Episodes Uncensored on Tuesday, July 25.

    This one disc set will contain three "lost" episodes as well as "unaired sketches, never-before-seen performances by John Legend and Dead Prez; 'The Fabulous Making of Chappelle's Show' documentary; audio commentary by series collaborators and cast members Charlie Murphy and Donnell Rawlings and series co-creator/executive producer Neal Brennan; blooper reel and deleted scenes."

    here http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=5768
  15. lol you guys didn't read the whole thing on that website... it's just a joke. hahaha. wow...

    I don't know about season 3, but dave is touring the country right now doing stand up... he's coming to a city an hour away from me in about 2 weeks...
  16. You know, Dave is a good comedian, he's a good actor, The Chappelle Show was decent, but it didn't do much for Dave imo...

    But there are classic bits

    The n family
    the black white surpremesist (sp?)
    The GTA Spoof. rofl

    and some more.

    It seems like the day after a new Chapelle Show aired, everyone in my PE class senior year would quote something out of it... I'm Rick James bytch!
  17. that chappelletheory.com was INSANE.

    if that really happened i am scared.

    i can't even imagine the trauma they must have caused him and his family over that time.
  18. It is quite obvious that the theory is utter nonsense. You just have to read it in order to figure that out.
  19. Yeah that theory is just a bunch off bull.

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