Dave Chapeeeellllllleeeeee

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  1. you have 8 more disputes to close...its been my pleasure being lead around and treated poorly....leave positive, since you and i both know i wasn't in the wrong....appreciate your attempt at helping me with the rest of my list, too bad i couldn't have paid you a couple hundred more...oh well, they'll hit ebay eventually.

    just thought i'd help eRRone out with a lil laugh....what's with all the serious/animosity these days??
  2. sand in the vaginas, it messes with everyone
  3. Lack of bud..If everyone was High..the world would be a beautiful place.
  4. Agreed^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  5. If the everyone in the world was high, there wouldnt be much munchies..:(
  6. If everyone were high we wouldn't cut down anymore trees. Hunger wouldn't be a problem. The seeds contain one of the highest sources of protein in nature. Our cars would run on ethynol. We'd probly live longer cause we don't breathe in as much fookin pollution. , that'd be awesome wouldn't it??
  7. i have absolutely no clue what this thread is about.
  8. I was hoping it would be about Dave Chapelle.
  9. "what's with all the serious/animosity these days??"

    that is the general gist of this thread i believe
  10. haha, i know. all of a sudden we went from babbling to a weed legalization speech.

    seriously wtf?

    but yeah man, dave chappelle is a fucking genius.

    some of the shit he says is funny as fuck.

  11. umm, my bad, i accidentally copied the wrong thing...i typed up word for word a joke i remembered from his standup, and obviously copied something AFTER i copied the joke...uhh... yeah i forget the joke now
  12. For What It's Worth is one of the greatest stand-ups I've ever seen.
  13. I wouldn't go THAT far, but it is great

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