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  1. Alright, so I've got a Datura plant growing in my yard that I planted myself, it's not flowered yet but it's got some big leaves. I've read tons into it and I've seen some positive and negative. I was wondering if anyone here had any idea onto how many leaves I should 'eat' or what. I know about the physical risks, and have taken them into consideration. I'm not considering this just another 'high'. I've read on Erowid and from other sources that it's been used for shamanistic rituals for a very.. very.. long time. However Erowid doesn't provide dosages, and I've read a plenty large amount of experience reports and I'm still planning on trying it. I've got quite a bit of experience with lots of different psychoactives and am not putting Datura in my list of them for obvious reasons. Can it be smoked? If so, how many leaves/flower/seeds would I need to injest? I see it has flower buds but no actually flowers, I'm not looking for a whole crap load of 'don't do it' which I expect to see anyway. Just looking for proper advice on how to injest it and how much. I know plant potentcy varies but there must be some sort of way to average it out or at least make a general estimation. I'm pretty stable when it comes to deleriants, I've done both dimenhydrinate and diphenhydramine quite a few times and find the effects rather interesting, albeit slightly disturbing, but not to the point where it drives me away. So yeah, just asking for a bit of dosage and consumption advice. Thanks.
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    never done it before, but may I suggest taking a pedal at a time..you never know with the potency, one or two pedals may be enough/more than enough?

    oh seeds
  3. Dont know the dosage but take it slow. Watch out with that Datura..
  4. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to eat the seeds
  5. DPH is a deliriant? Ive used it more than once, upto 600mg, love the trip but never had delirium
  6. If you are thinking about taking Datura... the last place you should ask for advice is on a forum for stoners.

    Do your research on Erowid, and I mean a lot of it. I consider myself a very experienced user of psychedelics and other strong mind altering drugs, but even I know I am not yet ready for what Datura would make me see. I'm saving my experience for a time way down the road.

    Datura is not a drug to be taken softly. It could really fuck with just about everything you put stock in in this world of ours. There isn't a single person who comes out of an experience with Datura that isn't changed in some way.
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    my advice to you is dont take any at all

    its not a drug, its a poison, no euphoria, feels like you have an extremely bad fever with crazy delusions/hallucinations.. and it fucks up your heart really bad too, your not supposed to do anything strenuous for 48 hours after ingesting it cuz it could cause heart failure

    not something to fuck with, i learned the hard way

    edit: n so i dont seem like all the fuckers who just talk shit on the drug in question, i'll give you some information

    leaves, not sure, flowers 3-4 flowers, seeds, half of the contents of the spikey seed pod, up to 1, i did half n nothing really happened, so i took 1.5 seed pods worth of seeds, n it was the worst experience of my life

    nothing like dramamine or benadryl, that shit just makes you tired and delerious, datura will make you sick and delerious, not like "i think i'm gonna throwup sick" either, like "i'm laying on my death bed sick and starting to hallucinate from how close to dieing of this illness i am" sick
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    I've done datura. We made a tea out of 16 flowers. Four of us drank the tea, but only two of us stayed in that hotel room. Apparently though, there a special way of preparing it. If you prepare it wrong, you will die. I think there's a part of the plant that's really poisonous. The chick that prepared it was Native American so I trusted her.

    Anyway, I started to feel very tired and at one point, could barely stand. I peed like 80 times. The bathroom was ALWAYS weird, like with all psychedelics. I would see little bugs and shit all around me. After a while, I just knocked the fuck out on the couch. I woke up about 9 hours later. Didn't feel shit, I didn't even feel like I had tripped at all. My friend "M" felt the same way. We just had a slight headache, so we just decided to go home. I drove to M's house and dropped him off, then went home. I showered, changed and felt a little better, so I picked M back up and went back to where we were. As soon as we walk through the door, our friends all tell us about how much we were tripping nuts the day before. I said "Really? I didn't feel shit but a headache. But, now that I went home and showered and shit, I feel better." My friend "A" (our sitter) says... "What the fuck are you talking about? You haven't left this room."

    I couldn't believe it. I could have sworn on ANYTHING that he was just trying to fuck with me. My friend M was backing up the story 100%. He KNOWS he went home too. So my friend says "OK. You said you went home and changed, right? What are you wearing now?" I was wearing cargo shorts and a red polo. "OK. Look at this picture taken last night" I was wearing the same shit. This weird feeling came over me and M.

    After that, memories and flashbacks of the trip would slowly come back to me and M. A lot of the things I saw, he also saw. Some things, we didn't. I remember "waking up" twice during the trip. Once, I was in the bedroom, and there we a couple of poeple sleeping. They woke up and told me to go back to the living room and I did. Another time, I walked into a table and woke up and saw our sitter. He asked if I was alright and I said yea.

    Some of the things I saw.... well... I can't explain most of it, but M and I both saw these pig heads on the table, which the next day we found to be towels. M and I had a full blown conversation about work and school and stuff, but our friends told us we were just mumbling incoherent shit all night. I had conversations with a bunch of people that weren't even there. I remember standing outside at work smoking a cigarette with my boss. We were just taking shit and when the cigarette got to the filter, it disappeared. I thought I had dropped it and looked everywhere. I just told my boss "Fuck! I must be trippin' nuts" I pulled out another cigarette and said "This one's real." Smoked that one and the same shit happened.

    As for the side affects... My vision was SHOT for 3 days. Mostly the day after and came back to me slowly. For those 3 days, my pupils were HUGE and the color red really stood out. The flashback and memories continued throughout that time. Especially when M and I were together. We would both remember shit.

    Most of the shit that happened you could never understand and I could never explain. Definitely a life changing experience, but be very careful and research. I would be best if you know someone that's done it. And definitely have a sitter. The sitter HAS to be awake and cannot let you out of the room/house. If you go out, you will get arrested or die.

  9. Thats crazy.
  10. haha the imaginary cigarettes are the worst, i had the same kinda experience cuz i had to go to work the next day, n i got up n got dressed for work, went there, got in the van and drove to the job, and started painting and then my dad came out in my living room and snapped me out of it, and i was painting the wall with an imaginary brush in pitch black darkness

    shits poison
  11. Neg knows what he's talking about man!!!

    Datura is the Devil!!

    there is no safe dose of Datura because the amount of the active ingredient in the various parts of the plant is so variable. Just because you successfully ingested 3 leaves one time doesn't mean that you won't die from ingesting 3 leaves another time.

    Datura causes brain damage and death, and one of it's worst aspects is you don't know when you're hallucinating off it. If you hallucinate that you can fly you'll truly believe you can and you'll jump off a building because you won't know you're hallucinating. A lot of people die because of this, the rest who die do so because Datura causes death.

    It'd be accurate to say the heroin is safer than Datura.
    My advice is to leave the shit alone and instead roll up a nice safe joint. :smoke:
  12. I know is post might be pointless but when i was in like 5th grade a few kids that were like freshmen in highschool found that shit growing right across the school. So they took it needless to say one kid went into a coma for like 3 weeks and the others were fucked up just as bad. So all im saying is be careful with that shit and if you do decide to take it do be an idiot and take too much cause you dont feel fucked up.
  13. werid, I can't see phantom cigarettes, like its a physical object, it gives physical effects

    crazy shit, maybe it would be a good idea to have a video camera rolling the entire time hehe
  14. a good way to go is to smoke it mixed with your weed you got to dry up some leaves or flower this will only couse a nice very high with vibrant colors and good for staring at stuff to make great new images, not a trip out walking dream.
    1/2 dryed leaves is good
    help alot with conserving your stash
    The leaves taste pretty shitty i always wanted to try mixing it into a salad
    Slowly increase how much you eat or make tea with starting at 2 or 3 leaves
    I have brugmansia (tree datura) so i never messed with the seeds.

    oh and make sure to thank the datura after taking any part of it hopefully she'll give you a good time.
  15. Yeah, I think I might just try eating 2 petals after it flowers. I'll lock all my doors so I can't leave the house. Hopefully my bro will be willing to trip sit. So I'm hearing plenty of negative feedback but upon further research I've found equal amount of positive feedback. Erowid specifically among other sites and the library. Still makes me quite nervous though, I'm starting to think twice about trying it. I ate two leaves the night I originally posted and nothing happened at all. No sick feeling, no delerium, nothing. Was disappointed. I figure the 10mg of Zyprexa could've had some sort of interference with that kind of thing, right? I'll wait until it seeds and eat maybe 1/2tbsp. of ground seeds, or make a tea from the seeds and see what happen. I truly do wish there was an accurate way to tell the potentcy of the plant matter itself or find a way to rid the substance of the dangerous alkaloids. This truly beautiful yet horrifcally astonishing plant has me all worked up and intrigued. How can such a simple plant be so.. unexplainable.
  16. tell us about it if you can rember anything =]
    asume everything is fake just be safe
  17. That's impossible. You don't know you're tripping. You have no recognition of what is real and what is fantasy. EVERYTHING is REAL.
  18. yea you'll never know when your hallucinating, cuz its not like "ooh wow the walls are breathing and swirling" trip, its like little minute things that could happen in real life happen, but they arent real, your mom might walk into your room and start talkin to you, then walk out, u'll think it happened but it was just a hallucination

    theres nothing positive about datura, i dont care what the erowid experiences say.. maybe you should read the one where the dude cut off his dick and tongue because your mouth gets so dry that its unbearable and you piss every 5 minutes even when you drink nothing
  19. 1-3 seed pods is plenty. Read erowid and read what others have taken.

    I've done Datura, a total of 5 times... It's the same every time.

    you wake up, 3 days later than you normally would. Your stomach wretches with pain, and your vision is blurred. That's accompanied with a headache, and a sense of feeling that something very, very, horrible just happened- and you're right.

    Take it easy, have a sitter who's stronger than you. You'll need him to save your life while you battle invisible dragons, and try to kill him in a state of primal survival.
  20. This is one of the most hardcore things to do, simply because of the nature of the trip and how unsafe it is. It's definately beneficial to have a sober person there, too.

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