Dating Unofficially

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  1. Alright so here is the deal there is a girl that I like who I have been on a couple dates with. When im around her Im just so happy. So I was saying how I wanted to make things official but she said that she doesnt have time due to school and work to be official and that we should get to know each other more first anyways.

    Soo I guess we are unnoficially dating? so like there is just no added pressure of being official you just go out on dates when you can?

    your advice/ experiences are welcome too
  2. dude as long as shes fucking you then who cares?
  3. Sounds like she's milking the free dinners and whatnot.

    Unless she's putting out, I'd move on.
  4. haha but we hardly go out to dinner its mostly just like dinner at home and watch movies since we are both poor as fuck.
  5. Dating unoffically is like having a sandwich. Except you only get half the sandwich. And some dipstick decided to make the sandwich of two-parts. On one half of the sandwich there is Peanut butter and Jam. On the other side there is Poo. Guess which side your getting.

  6. lol agreed
  7. No time for an official thing? I call bullshit! The only reason I, or every other girl I know for that matter, would tell a guy that we can't be official is so I can do other things and not have to give an explanation if I ever get caught. If I'm really into a guy and he wants to be official I'm saying yes without hesitation. But that's just me....oh and all the chicks I know. Shaddy. :rolleyes:
  8. if im "unofficially dating" a chick its usually just means theyre an f buddy with a few dinner dates here and there...and when we aren't with each other its single time baby.

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