Dating a girl with a bad reputation...

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  1. Whatsgood blades, today I come to you for advice.

    I'm really into this girl and she's really into me but theres a couple difficulties. :(

    She has a pretty bad rep because she use to send pictures to alot of guys,

    however shes changed alot now. It's been about a year since shes sent any

    pictures to anyone but me, I was like her go-to person when she was horny as

    fuck, and we'd always fool around. She's one of my best friends and we both

    developed feelings for eachother ...

    Should I say fuck it and not care what people think and just date her?
    I'm a little worried though, i don't know if i could handlee all the shit i get.

    and incase you were wondering...THIS GIRLS HAWT AS FUCK. 10/10 :eek:
  2. I've dated a girl that had a bad rep back in highschool. I didn't care at the time cause I was getting mad head.

    But afterwards it was weird, like why the hell did I do that! But then i thought, this is highschool, I'm not going to know anyone of these mother fuckers once I graduated

    Hasnt ever bothered me since I realized that haha
  3. Who you said it's highschool. If she's really a 10/10 then the only shit you'd get would be from other girls. So, who the fuck cares what other girls are sayin when ur dick's wet already. Seriously, fuck what other people think.
  4. its not their relationship, so they shouldn't be talking about it.
    and if this girl is really a 10 outta 10 they are probably talking shit because their jealous.

    fuck what other people think dude, don't worry about it.
    and to not date a girl because your worried about what other people will think is the lamest excuse i've ever heard haha. people have have opinions always have always will, its hard but you got to accept it.

    and you can't be mad about people talking about other people because everyone does it, its a sad but honest truth
  5. You guys are right, and this girl has only been with me.

    Talk about fucking tight to...she's perfect. I'm gonna ask her out when I hangout with her.

    thanks guys, just needed some quick advice. :smoke:

    + did you guys loose any of you're close close friends from highschool or are you guys still intouch?
  6. yeh just use rubbers,don't wanna get her preggo..

  7. Trust me I know, thats a story for a different day though. :eek:

    and yeah it sucks, but I do care about what my peers think about me.
    Everyone cares to some degree, thats why we wear the clothes we do, and have the hairstyle we choose.
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    I'm still in touch with all of em but it's way different now, you'll understand eventually, after highschool EVERYTHING changes

    ** and good luck blade, hope it works out, make sure to avoid the awkwardness. I'd ask her before smoking FOR SURE
  9. alright, first of all she sounds like a whore so u may want to consider that.

    but i dont see any reason to care what people think. currently im hitting on a girl who (believe me) you would not expect to see with a stoner. pretty sure she likes me though and thats all i care about, i always say if people want me to conform to social norms they can come make me (not trying to sound tough or something, i just carry a switchblade all the time).
  10. yes get at that if you're comfortable around her.
    fuck them other cats fareal, keep thuggin' it lol.
  11. Sounds like a highschool hit and quit type deal to me
  12. She isn't a whore, because i'm the only guy she's been with. I was her first and i'm still having sex with her hahaha, but I want to date her. Our fuckbuddy sorta thing, has been secret we don't tell anyone...but we became awesome friends. I talk to her everyday almost all day and I'm so comfortable around her, we can talk about anything and it's never a dull moment

    And i'm done with the hit & quit shit, It made more people angry/mad at me then it was worth getting laid.

  13. They are the best kind!
  14. Who the fuck sends pictures lol?

    That's weird man. I don't think I could be with her, in a relationship, of course.
  15. here's something i saw from the show 'Community'.

    Troy: "Let me ask you something. People been clownin be about this jacket (high school varsity jacket) ever since I got here, but if I take it off to make people happy that just makes me weak, right?"

    Jeff: "Listen. It doesn't matter. You lose the jacket to please them, you keep it to piss them off. Either way, it's for them. That's what's weak."

    Troy: "Whoa, you just wrinkled my brain, man."

  16. You've never gotten pictures? ahhaha, sucks's better then looking up porn. It's the whole mindset like,fuckyeah this girl took these pictures for me:hello:
  17. "I know I got a bad reputation,
    but it isn't just talk talk talk"

    Who cares. What's past is past. If you're happy and she's happy, who gives a FUCK what others think
  18. I banged and dated the local hs slut. Definitely no regrets.

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