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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Footbag, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Last year I dated a cute chick that was, to my surprise, a dealer. She had a day job (or 2 I think), and I didn't ask her too much about it.. But one thing I do remember is when we'd just be hanging out, random people would come by her place once in a while. I figured since it's GC I'd share that with you all. Actually I kinda miss her, she really liked me and even though I was never that serious about her, she was one fine lady. Anyone else ever date a dealer?
  2. no but my sister is dating someone who WAS a dealer, he used to give her free grams all the time. I was even lucky enough to get a free g once in a while lol
  3. if weed thats fine but if she deals other shit im straight on that cause you'll be meeting some weird ass people
  4. shytt.. that would be nice mayn.

    free supply whooo.

    guess im searchin now.
  5. Nah just weed. She wasn't weird at all.
  6. That sounds perfect mate. I have a friend (girl) who is currently banging a dealer and is getting the sweetest deals for me on the dankest ass buds fresh from the 'dam. I need to start uploading pics I got some Northern lights and it was fuckin amazing.

    lol sorry i need to stop talking u lot probably don't care
  7. Did you buy from her or got free shit? Also, why'd you stop dating?
  8. my ex tried selling weed after we broke up

    she got busted and i laughed. fuckin whore
  9. Did she toke up with you or did you two just not talk about it? I'm a little confused with that part.
  10. Yea this one Cuban chick pushed blow, she had a nice crib a tiger in her back yard!!! Ahhh had to let her go. Last I heard dudes came in guns blazig all over her crib. Miss her kinda. :eek:

  11. Yea we smoked together a lot. I mean I didn't ask too many questions about her dealing.

    Also, yea I bought from her a couple times. I probably could have just asked her for weed, but not my style I guess.

    Why'd we stop dating? I'm not sure, just talked less and less, stopped hanging out until more and more time went by. It's weird.. She is a blonde with a nice body, completely my type physically, and we had a lot of the same interests and the same tastes in things, yet I was never crazy for her. But that's life...
  12. Shoulda got her to hook it up for you.

    If I were dating a dealer i'd take full advantage of the opportunity.
  13. haha wow... I was looking at your sig, but wasn't realizing it was your sig and all I kept thinking was how weird it was that your post had so many likes but only like 10 comments. And I also thought it was cool it is that there just so happened to be 1337... and now I feel dumb.
  14. yeah, what post was that that got 1341 likes. i wanna see that. someone link me

  15. im pretty sure "1337 others" is somebody's username and not how many people liked it haha
  16. if you wanna give me her # i'll check in and make sure everythings ok for you...
  17. My friend was a dealer for a short time, she told me she had some great bud but I was broke at a time. She's pretty hot for a petite chick.
  18. [quote name='"Keep It Lit"']Shoulda got her to hook it up for you.

    If I were dating a dealer i'd take full advantage of the opportunity.[/quote]

    Of course you would. -_-

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