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    So I went on a date earlier with this really cool chick. I have been out of the dating game for like a month to get my head straight. This girl seems really down to earth. Anyway on the date we got coffee and then took a walk on the beach. I then dropped her off and went back to my crib. I did have make a little mistake and told a little fib lol, that I don't smoke which is obviously false I also said I barely drink which is also completely untrue lol. I hope she won't find out haha. I am taking her out again on wednesday. I was thinking maybe dinner, but I want other good date ideas. Can you blades help me out and give me some good date ideas? I am so bad with date ideas.
  2. Well, I just went on a fab date the other day ... What we did was go to a small cute pub for some food and beer, then came home and watched movies and listened to music ... This should be good enough considering the 'little fibs' :D
  3. Let me elaborate. She knows I smoke, but I lied about the fact that I was a pothead. And I can drink obviously she just doesn't like guys who get belligerently wasted lol. Luckily I am very good at hiding smoking because I have to for my career.

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