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  1. I just got a couple 100mg darvocets and was just wondering if anyone has ever done it or knows anthing about it thanx
  2. Yeah i actually have a half bottle of the same thing and ive been wondering about them. Will they show up on a DT? for how long? ive heard theyre not really worth it but i dont know.
  3. They are probably the lowest pain killers. They would come up as opiates on a drug test. They are not worth buyin, but if you have them go for it. I suggest looking up a cold water extraction.
  4. Darvocet is generally prescribed for mild to moderate pain. Its Propoxyphene + Acetaminophen. Be very careful as more than 15 grams of acetaminophen in your system can seriously fuck your liver up. Also, Propoxyphene can be habit forming. Both physical and psychological dependence can occur in long term use. If you stop taking them quickly you may have withdrawal symptoms.

    Hope that helps.
  5. considering what he just said is true,i wouldnt fuck with them
  6. jesus christ 15 grams of acetaminophen would be equal almost 30 pills! That's a lot of pills to take at once; I think he would overdose before he had to worry about hitting 15 grams! And shit... Propoxyphene from what I read is like a weak codeine. Caffeine is probably more addictive. Erowid lists the dependency potential to be "Low".
  7. if u got them than its hard not to take them after u have done them but if you just got a few and take them and have no more the next day their isnt much addictive tendencies:wave:
  8. Ive took many of these in my day, Not recently but way back.

    They're real mild, But if ya got em take em.

    I had the pink ones everytime i had em, I cant remeber the size off the top of my head.

    I in no way had withdrawl from them.

    Jus pop em n enjoy.

    Wont be much of a buzz but its aight.
  9. I thought acetaminophen problems occured at more like 4 grams but I could be wrong.. thought the general advice was stay under 3.

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