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  1. hello blades, i recently got a bunch of darvo 50 mg. how many would give me a decent buzz and whats the od range on propoxyphene?

  2. It depends on your tolerence but for me and i have a medium tolerence, anywhere from 300-450 mg will get me noddin out fuccin hard, any higher and the euphoria is so strong i cant move my body, lol.:smoking:
  3. my tolerances is probably a hair above 0, so i think ill start with 200 and work my way up. i heard that propoxy is pretty poisonous though, anyone have info on that?
  4. If you have the pink ones then take a wet paper towel and wipe the outer layer of pink off, cuz it is when you take alot of it and it make your stomach hurt so fuckin bad, like a knife stabbed in your stomach and twisted around kinda pain. So yea either suck it off (no homo) like an oxy or wipe it off with wet paper towel and you will be set to board the opiod express.:wave:
  5. thanks man + rep

  6. I desire 100 of these. Can anyone help?
    I'm in Australia:rolleyes:
  7. uhhh...really?

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