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Darvocet vs. Hydrocodone - Drug testing.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Nag Hamadi, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. So I have a drug test tomorrow. I had one a few weeks ago, and I had been taking vicodin 5/500's for 3 days straight, and had a drug test on the 3rd day. They never mentioned anything about having any opiates in my system. I popped some Darvocet today, so is it safe to assume that they won't test for that either? I read something on Erowid that said standard drug tests mostly just test for heroin, oxycodone, morphine and opium.

  2. they never picked up on darvocet when I took a drug test.
  3. A standard 5 panel drug test, checks for

  4. So chances are that if the test I was given didn't check for hydrocodone, it probably won't check for darvocet, I'm guessing. I even had adderall the day before a drug test and never heard anything about it. When I got arrested back in January the cop showed me the results of my drug test, and it only tested for THC, meth, and cocaine. I hope I'm in the clear.
  5. [quote name='Nag Hamadi']So chances are that if the test I was given didn't check for hydrocodone, it probably won't check for darvocet, I'm guessing.

    they might check for hydrocodone as they are synthetic opioids, which is in the class of opiates that they do test for.
  6. [/QUOTE]
    I know for a fact they didn't check for hydrocodone, cause I had taken at least 20 of 'em in the 3 days leading up to the test.
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    Bump. I need some advice, or opinions or something. I'm getting really paranoid.

    Here's my background on drug testing.

    - Took 20+ Vicodin 5/500 over the course of 3 days and did not test positive when given a urine test less than a day later.

    - Took 60mg Adderall XR and was given a urine test less than a day later. Did not test positive.

    Now, I took 4 or 5 Propo-N/Darvocet-N and had a drug test approximately 16-19 hours after taking the last pill. I looked up the half-life, and it is 6-12 hours. This was my first time taking Darvocet in several months, so I had no tolerance to any opiates, and my BMI is 18 (5'10", 126 lbs). I also live in Iowa, where the main concern is meth. I know they test for THC and meth, but I'm not sure about opiates. We don't have much of an opiate problem, at all. So basically I want some opinions - do you think I will be safe? I also took some 3000mg cranberry pills before bed after dosing and when waking up on the day of the drug test.

    Edit: I've pretty much answered my own question, so all of this was pretty pointless. Basically, everyone around here is too cheap to buy 5-panel drug tests. When I had a urine test at the police station and the cop showed me the results it only had the 3-panel THC/meth/cocaine. You'd think of all people the cops would have the most advanced drug tests. That, and with the amount of hydrocodone I had in my system, if they did test for opiates I definitely would've tested positive. Thanks to those that tried to help.

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