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  1. Who else loves them a game of darts?! I'm not too great but I've gotten a lot better in just 2 weeks cuz we got a dart board in my pad now :) I'm able to get 2/6 darts in bullseye baby :cool:

  2. a few brews and a game of darts make my day.
  3. I love that game "Cricket"

    Thats the only dart game I know though
  4. How about a game of 501

  5. I usually play 301... I've never actually played 501 :smoke:

    PS I'm drinking my first white russian I made myself.... Taste like chocolate milk with a little burn.. Good shit :D
  6. I can chill to some darts. Used to be on a league Pretty sure I suck now been so long since i've played. got a camel dart board and some 20 gram darts. Kept getting kicked out of bars with them cause they dented their dart boards.. I like heavy darts what can I say. I can put more shoulder into them and keep them straighter. Mostly played straight Cricket but I can play some 501..

  7. eww, if kahluah, vodka and milk werent gross enough seperatley, lets mix them together!

    i really enjoy darts. i got into when i lived in ny. i played everday, usually during a session, or right after. with my buddy. he used to be way better than me, and after a while i started schooling him.
  8. Tastes like chocolate milk.. What in the world did you make it with.. Supposed to be milk vodka and Kahlua... And Kahlua isn't chocolate, it's coffee bean, unless you got a flavored Kahlua... Anyways.. Best of drinking.. Slug about 4 of em you'll have a great buzz.. If you like White Russians try an Amaretto Sour.. They're bomb for a mixed drink and fuck you up quick...
  9. Lol I made it with vodka, kahlua, and milk. Haha it taste like chocolate milk to me mate. :smoke:

  10. isnt it supposed to be cream, not milk? dont know. i hate them. whiskey on the rocks for me.

    and yeah darts!
  11. Milk, is for White Russians, cream for White Russian Slammers, 1/2&1/2 for a Creamy Russian..
  12. Usually drink straight up to endulge in the taste but I love me some white russians..
  13. All I need is a robe... Then I'd be golden.
  14. 2/6 darts... That's awesome bro.

    I got that good at one time, but us, roomies, split and I had to shack back in with the 'rents. I got good at Darts and Ping Pong. I got serious about ping pong, actually.:smoke:

  15. ping pong is SERIOUS.
  16. lmao. you're right.

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