Darth Peenus said...

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  1. Found this whilst surfing the web. made me laugh. Discuss! :smoke::smoke:

    Darth Peenus said...
    Here's a serious question for the girls.

    One night stand scenario - You've had a few, and now skip to the part where he whips out his wang, (and it's way bigger than any of the previous wangs you've been with - WAY bigger, think GIRTH).

    Like a good host, he aims it at your face and starts running towards you ... Like a good guest, you make out with it until your neck locks up and your gag reflex is a distant memory. :hello:

    Here's the question ... While you're arm wrestling with his penis, are you afraid of having to sit on it later? Are you terrified he might try a bait-and-switch during doggy style and take the road less travelled? Or are you thinking "wow, this is huge, I cant wait to get that in there"? Are you even thinking about regular sex with it at all?

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