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Darkside of oz

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bored123, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Hey GC havent really posted in a while but, anyways I just want to say that i seen Darkside of Oz on Friday and really enjoyed it. The whole thing is totally trippy its amazing how the songs match the movie.The cinema which i went to see it in allows people to smoke weed its just crazy like 12 year olds to 50 year olds are all smoking up in harmony and just having a good time. Apparently members of Pink Floyd who are alive havent denied it nor havent or admitted it, they mainly joke about it when asked......this is what i have heard anyways not sure if its true. But anyways just was wondering if any of you have seen it and i would like to hear some feedback or experiences or best parts you guys wanna talk about.

  2. I watched it an it was incredible. I believe it lines up properly for the entirity of the album, but not after that, some people claim you just replay the album for the last part of the movie and it works, but I don't think so. It's insane though, stoned and sober.
  3. Wait what is darkside of the oz?
    I got the pink floyd part... but what else?
  4. yeah i love that. but heres what you need to try. dark side of the moon is started at the 3rd roar of the mgm lion to synchronize. what i found out is that at the end of the cd, most people just start it over. what you need to try is when it ends, start the album wish you were here. its amazing because there are a few little things, but at the end of welcome to the machine that siren starts, thats when all the people of oz are panicing about the witch, then when the noise of the crowd starts is when all the people form a croud, then have a cigar it looks like the lion is orating, etc. etc. stuff like that. pretty cool, im glad you could see it.
  5. I just heard about this on Friday. It sounds sick, especially in a theater.
  6. I have to see that. When I read this I looked it up to see whats so cool about it. Damn thats crazy.
  7. Alex_09 its the wizard of oz movie and its dubbed over by the darkside of the moon Pink Floyd album and it is very trippy because the music relates to the mood of the movie and matches some talking. its hard to explain
  8. That shit tripped me up the first time i saw it. Its some crzy shit, i recomend it to anyone who hasn't seen it.
  9. yeah, just watch it, man. its cool as hell. i can't do it stoned, though, cause when i watch movies or tv while stoned, i space out and just dont pay attention to anything. :D
  10. Yea it is amazing, and as for it repeating the album it works to a certian extent. not everything like the begining but thier is some crazy shit when the big doors slam
    i think its sick as hell and it is good stoned or sober.
  11. where can you find this?

  12. Okay, well first of all, all the members of Pink Floyd are still alive. In fact, David Gilmour just released a new solo album a few weeks ago. :)

    And, I'm pretty sure that the members of Floyd have explicitly denied the whole "Dark Side Of Oz" phenomenon. At the time the album was recorded, there was no way for the band to play the movie in the studio, which would have rendered any intentional synchronicity practically impossible. I think it's just a neat little series of coincidences that is probably really cool while stoned.

    I remember by dad (who was a pretty major pothead for a while in his younger days) demonstrating the whole thing for me probably about ten years ago. In fact, that might have been before I even liked Pink Floyd, so it probably seemed less cool then. One of these days (I'm going to cut you into little pieces), I should try it again.
  13. Yes, this is my stance as well, because different CD or record player would take a different amount of time to go back to Speak To Me. Therefore, it would be impossible for most people to enjoy the second half of the sync. I guess PF could have done it, but it would be extremely aggravating for me to get it right.

    To all trying to sync the movie and the album, here's the first big sign: the ominous note of On The Run happens at the exact same time as Dorothy WOULD HIT the ground as she falls behind the fence. Another early tell is the old lady entering the scene on her bike at the EXACT time all the clocks ring at the beginning of Time.

    Hey recondite, you don't know if Barrett is still alive. ;)
  14. Ok woah that sounds sweet, if that ever comes to my town, which it wont, BUT if it does since edmonton is a pretty popular canadian city, oh man... my buddy will let me toke in there and me and him can just go in after hours and watch it smoking:)

  15. Don't forget when the cash register jingles in "Money" when Dorothy appears in color. The munchins also dance in time with the beat, and at the end of the cd, a heartbeat is heard when Dorothy hits the Tin Man's chest.
  16. dude i gotta fucking try that shit ....can u like buy it at a movie store at all? or online?
  17. yes, I know, I was just saying early ones, so people would know if they got it rigfht. I remember sitting there so many times being like 'did I get it right this time? did I?'
  18. yo i saw darkside of oz and blazed in the theater to its pretty ill... i'm from toronto aswell did you see it at bloor cinema?
  19. wow, that sounds so fuckin cool, probably so nuts on shrooms right? cuz when i watch TV muted and listen to music on shrooms it seems like its all one thing anyway, o man, im so happy u posted about this cuz i never heard of it and im so into crazy shit like that! thanks alot, im popping WOZ in right now, and i just read the book wicked that the broadway show is based on so thats all in my head too, should be a fun night :)

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