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  1. ok so i'm just about done with my first grow. learned a lot about what not to do lol. still have a lot to learn.

    anyway i want to get two darkrooms 1/veg & 1/flower. veg room will have a mom in a 16in pot and room for three clones to veg about 4 weeks. flower room will have 3 plants max in 12in pots for about 8-12weeks. these are the max plants i can have cause of hawaii laws.


    the darkrooms are dr80's and the pics are to scale. think theres enough room or do i need bigger?

    planning on getting a inline fan/char filter combo. it moves 425-500cfm. each room is 36cuft. will one fan be enough to vent both rooms?

    Planning on 400w mh in veg room and 400w hps in flower room. enough light?


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  2. DR 80's are tiny. Enough for a single plant mostly a mother keeper. Go bigger. Trust me
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    umm no i have dr80 with 400 watt cooltube 4 plants. I will tell you now though that dr80's have 5" duct intakes and exhaust so good luck getting 6" through if thats what your useing. I had to use semi rigid 6" and bend it up to make it fit.
  4. Hahaha. Sorry. Thinking of the wrong tent. Go with his advice
  5. hey nissty, thanks for the heads up duct size. I was about to make a big fu. what fans do you use in yer 80? i googled but couldn't find any 5in and 4in have pretty low flow like id need 2 per.
  6. Get a six and a fan speed controller. Or a thermo controller. Both found a greners.
  7. I use 4" ducting/fan/filter. I use a 6" cooltube but use 6x4 reducers. It all works fine. 6" is a bit quieter though, and you have options for larger filters. If you get a really good filter (mountain air) 4" will take care of it. I grow 4 afghani kush with 0 smell. And for those of you who have grown afghani kush or any kush you know what level of smell i'm workin with.
  8. hey thx nissty

    was thinkin about cool tubes - whered you get yers?

    what do you think of this setup, w/blower inside tent
    reducers each end
    REDUCER 6 to 5 INCH
    and this hose
    Amazon.com: Woodstock W2033 5-Inch by 10-Foot Clear Hose: Home Improvement

    gonna have 2 DR80s veg & flower, run the tube from my veg room into the flower room have a y there and vent both room w/this fan.
    watcha think?
  9. if both of your rooms are on different light schedules like your going to do with a veg and a flower... make sure no light gets from tent to tent.... i foresee hermies

    but they seem like solid purchases...

    bet you got some good genetics on the big H
  10. Dont buy a cheap carbon scrubber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will regret it. The ONLY filters worth the money that will actually kill ALL of the smell are, CAN, PHRESH, PHAT, MOUNTAIN AIR. If its not one of these its still going to smell. Those cheap fan/ filter combos on ebay are a ripp-off, I bet the filters are filled with cat litter.
  11. thx for the caution but heres the data -
    [FONT=&quot]The 6” filter contains over 7 1/2 pounds of activated carbon (not cheap cocoa-carbon found in low budget filters).

    7+ pounds oughta do it dontcha think???????

    its not ebay - ebid. dont know if any better?

    anyway, the 6in rig way too big 33in. wont fit a dr80 but could mount verticle.

  12. go ahead and get it but you will be let down. They dont use the "good carbon". Read this.
    MountainAir Carbon is derived from sub-bituminous black coal deposited in a Pre-Cambrian formation deep within the Collie Basin over 230 million years ago. Thus, it is the planets oldest coal. Don't be fooled by claims that other carbon is any older as this would predate the carboniferous period. MountainAir carbon also has an extremely low ash content and trace element discrimination demonstrates it to be physically and chemically unique. This feedstock is steam activated in the presence of large concentrations of particular gases that affect the activation process in a certain way. The result is an irregularly shaped activated carbon granule, unlike any other carbon on earth, predominated by mesopores in a physical distribution which is absolutely ideal for adsorption of volatile organic compounds as well as other associated odorous particles. MountainAir carbon displays a property known as decarboxylation where it strips carboxyl groups away from larger VOC prior to absorption. In effect, the carbon acts as its own pre-filter. NO OTHER CARBON IN THE WORLD (we have real time tested eight other carbon types) IS KNOWN TO DECARBOXYLATE. This property partly explains why MountainAir filters are the longest lasting filter on the market-3 years +.

    MountainAir carbon is so unique and effective that it will remove most VOC of less than 30 microns. This includes acetone and acetate compounds, alcohol compounds, animal odors, benzene compounds, cooking odors, diesel fumes, epoxy resin odors, glue odors, paint odors, pollens, some poisons, odor bearing smoke particles, and most welding fumes just to name a few. MountainAir filters are less efficient at removing large smoke particles, but are extremely efficient at preventing and/or minimizing smoke damage to fabrics, walls, etc.

    There are other types of carbon, but none that are nearly as effective as MountainAir carbon. Coconut carbon is one type of carbon used in filters, however, its main purpose if for gold extraction. Many claim that coconut carbon tends to have a high iodine count because it is dominated by micropores, rendering it unsuitable for larger plant VOC particles. As a result, we have never heard of a coconut carbon lasting for more than 12 months in an intensive plant VOC application. There is also amalgamated black coal carbon such as RC-412 Carbon which is derived from a surface grade and is used mostly for
    gold extraction and water purification. Though this carbon is very effective in purifying water and extracting gold it is not very efficient with VOc. This carbon stipulates a massive 33% variation in density which is desirable in aqueous suspension (water purification), however it is not desirable in air filtration, as density expresses trade off between air flow and filter efficacy. Once again don't be fooled by other gimmicks and expected life spans - go with the best – MountainAir

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