Darkened, curling leaves on seedlings.

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    Hey all,
    This young easy ryder (Cheech) seedling has darkened, curling leaves. Cheech was moved under an HPS several hours ago, far enough away to stay cool. What could the problem be? I recently treated with both Mathalion and insecticide oil to get rid of some spider mites.

  2. Spider mites already? You need to clean up your area. It may do fine...I've seen it do that before and grew fine.
  3. Move the light back some more. Leaves that curl up tell you the plant is trying to retain moisture. The HPS is probably a little too much for it at such a young age.
  4. I think it must be some other problem because I moved it back under the cfl and the leaves have gotten worse. I have just accepted that it is going to die at this point. (Hey, at least I got rid of the spider mites!)
  5. the plant ive got going now did that at first. a red-orange spectrum cfl worked wonders for mine. what ive got now is the plant growing in an S shape.... strangest thing ive ever seen... currently ive got 3 2' cfl's in the closet. 1 above and 1 on 2 sides of the pot opposite each other. 2 reds and 1 blue. can someone eplain this?
  6. Samiel, The plant is simply confused as to which way is "up" since the light isn't coming from above.

    Update: The seedling got worse until it was completely black, now it seems to be getting better again. The leaves have uncurled and are orangeish rather than black. :eek:
  7. i moved the fan, it was way too close to the plant. moved the plant directly under the lamp that is above the plant. the 2 on the sides i left.. gonna keep an eye on it. i hope i dont lose the damn thing.
  8. Hey the same thing is happening to one of my babies one has a dark leaf and the other has yellowing round leaves and a small hole in it any ideas
  9. Mine were all victims of damping off. Every single seedling died. If the same thing is happening to you, I would suggest different soil/sterilization.

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