Discussion in 'General' started by Namynam, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. I am afraid of the mother fucking dark. It scares the shit out of me. I hate not being able to see. I would be scared to death if i was blind.

    The other night i had a dream/nightmare i was walking on the street in front of my house, and the woods to my right were pitch black, i couldnt see anything, but i heard laughing and i knew people were planning to come out and get me from ther. Not a fun dream.
  2. I love the dark. If you are really baked, put on some headphones (I prefer trance), lay down in a pitch black room and close your eyes. Now just see it like a music video of changing patterns . . . its sweet.

    Try it some time, the dark seems more fun afterward. Plus its a good way to get to sleep.
  3. maybe arm yourself for self defense, and piece of mind. ;)
  4. What's so scary about the dark?
  5. Idk, I don't see the dark as scary, but ..........shit I don't know what it is, and i forgot wha this post is :smoke:

    W&B's :smoking:
  6. haha dude try this. Someone said some thing about this earlier, but try it, it's cool as hell. just sit there in complete darkenss and just listen to music and lay down and look at the ceiling or close your eyes, and you start to like see patterns and shit if you focus hard enough. I dunno, works for me when i'm compeletly baked. Oh yeah i was wondering, how does the dark effect you? Because every drug that can cause hallucinations like dxm and lsd, all of my hallucinations were enhanced in the dark.
  7. yea, i'm scared shitless of the dark too.. lol, when I go to bed at night, I have to walk through 4 rooms to get to mine, and I turn on the lights in one room, walk to the next and turn those on, then walk back and turn the others off..... just so I don't need to be in the dark for any amount of time, you never know what you'd see in the dark if you could :D
  8. wow. I walk around my dorm and my house in complete darkness all the time. I kinda know where everything is, so I have a mental image. And I am a pretty logical person, so I know there is nothing to be scared of.
  9. I'm pretty logical too..... and I know theres always something to fear

  10. Ohh hell yeah, thats about all there is to do around here.
  11. we smoke in a huge field that is surronded by woods and a creek....I love to get baked, and chill in the middle of the field when it is completly dark and look into the stars

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