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  1. Anyone here play this game? 
    I just recently started playing, I'm at SL 78. I went a Light Tank/Pyro build. Basically put a lot of points into endurance, attunement, dexterity, and some vitality. 
    My thinking was that if I could get the required amount of spells to become a pyromancer I could be a spell caster main. And then max my dexterity and endurance. Dexterity so I can have some type of weapon (could have gone Strength but I've always liked Dex better) and some speed. And endurance so I can have Heavy Armor so that if I do get run up on, I can wreck some people. 
    So yeah, anyone else play? If so, what are your builds are your level? How far are you in the game? 
    And Dark Souls 2 comes out the 31st of December this year. Pretty much the reason I started playing was so I could hop right into the second with knowing the story. 

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    yea I Just got it, my guys are like SL 40 and I have one dex/magic and strength/tank, both around the same area, current boss is great wolf sif and sen's fortress is just opened :p

    I was a HUUUUUGE Demon's souls fan
  3. Atm I'm leveling up a str/int build mainly for PvP.
    It's pretty fun so far and can easily 2-3 shot people around my level.

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