Dark Souls 3

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by WherezMyLighter, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. I know I’m way late, but been playing this heavy for about a month now. Awesome game, terribly unforgiving lol.

    Any tips on builds? Running a Knight focusing on STR/VIG
  2. For PVE go for an STR Ultragreatsword build. I've done many many runs and now that I know the maps, boss patterns and so on I find the STR UGS build to be the easiest/fastets to clear the game.

    Get both DLCs also when you can if you dont have them already, totally worth it!

    And after finishing this game, if you need more and if you are playing with an PS4 o you got one, go and play Bloodborne.

    I can't play this games stoned tho, tried Nioh a few times baked and I couldn't do shit lmao.
  3. Hell yeah thx for the response. Definitely want the DLCs but waiting on them to go on sell. On play through 2 right now. Game is dope, and I love PvE. PvP seems to be another beast entirely, but super unique. Having fun so far

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