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    We have two months to go and can't contain my hype. Get ready for GOTY. I'll be playing on PS4 and PC. Spoiler free video:
    What builds do you want to go with consider the changed to Str and Dex weapons and the new stats added like Agi.
    I will be playing DaS in the meantime incase anyone wants to play. If you're interested in Dark Souls 2 and want to be play the first to be ready for it, I'd be happy to play through and help.

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    Going to be amazing, wish they would hurry up and announce the PC release date though! Just curious why are you going to play on 2 platforms?
    This or Witcher 3 or shit maybe even Thief for 2014 goty, some good stuff to look forward to this year,
  3. I havent been watching a lot of footage outside of the beta since I dont want to spoil too much. I've read up on the new stats and covenants, and everything looks really promising.
    I've done the same thing I just don't want to see whats coming I want to smoke a fat vapo bowl and die, looking forward to the constant threat of invasions now!
    SPOILERS, maybe, about invasions/pvp, i'll put the words in white if you dont want to see, so just highlight if you do
    OK so anyway, its my understanding that there is a list of people who are most likely to get invaded. The first is invaders, who automatically generate sin after a successful invasion, no more indictments. Second is players co-oping, third is human players, and last is hollowed. So constant invasions is there, but there are ways to not be invaded a lot. Also, players found hacking and or cheating will be perma banned from multiplayer. Info is from Gamefaqs and IGN.
  6. Yeah I read that as well, I just try to avoid gameplay videos and information about bosses/monsters I don't want to know anything about that want the challenge to be fresh.
    Looking forward to the invasion changes.
  7. I am also very excited for the first. Grabbed the first on a steam sale and have played a bunch with vicious, he is a cool guy and super helpful. My character was going down the wrong road and he helped save it, although it is certainly imperfect from my mistakes. Anyway, I only just recently had gotten DaS and was thoroughly impressed. I can only imagine what awaits in ds2 Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    3 even. I had 3 character that were 500+hr on 360. When my Xbox died I moved over to PS3 and tried novelty I never got to play with. Ended up playing there the longest. I'm easily over 7,000 hours. It wasn't until Nov that I had a killer PC so I grabbed DaS on the Steam Sale for $5 and I've been playing with PC friends on people on GC going through for the first time. I'm currently tweaking my favorite build I made during PS3. What playform are you on? I'd like to play with you.
    Vit 30
    Att 23
    End 30
    Str 16
    Dex 18
    Int 44
    Faith 30

    I'm only SL90 right now so I haven't finished pumping the final points in Vit and End. So far it's been straight glass-cannon. If I need I might push Int to 50 or go for the 7th Att slot but it depends how I feel towards the end. Been using Enchanted weapons and Velka's Talisman for miracles. Catches a lot of people off guard, the think they're fighting an Int build then get hit by KJ or WoG, TWoP+Dark Magic is bitch shit too.
    I'm considering just dropping the rest into 50int, some more att and maybe a little bit more STR so I can make some Str enchanted weapons. I've been using the Painted Guardian Sword, BSS and Great Scythe.
  9. For anyone who isn't ready.
    Playing on PC now a days, I'd be down for some DS been a bit since I loaded it up. I'm SL90ish myself on PC atm, I had about 300 hrs on my PS3 back when it was first released but my PS3 died then I built my gaming PC.
    Loaded it up looks like I'm SL 83 atm, looks like I was playing a mage build glass cannon.
    Vit  20
    Att 19
    End 22
    Str 18
    Dex 16
    Int 50
    Faith 12
    Think I was mainly rocking the MLGS on him, I'm on NG+ in the beginning doesn't look like I played further than the first play through on this guy.
    What play through are you on for PC Vicious?
  11. Trying to beat dark souls before I get this 1, sucks dark souls 2 isn't coming to ps4 but devs said f they wanted 2 it would take them half the time to port it over so that's good, still looks really great so far can't wait for all the secrets that's my favorite part about dark souls, always re visiting and finding new secrets to make r life easier or harder/

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  12. I've been doing duel-wielding since its gonna be revamped in Dks2. Using the Chaos Blade in right hand, and Gold Tracer in left, and can really pull off some great combos with it.
    Whats everyones first playthrough on Dks2 gonna be? I'm probably gonna go with some sort of quality build, and expose myself to as many weapons as I can. But once I find the new MLGS, I might have to restart and try to use it, and hopefully From leaves it in the game. Its been a theme in the Souls series and I guess some of their other games, so I dont see why it wouldnt show back up.

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