Dankohzee's water savers!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Corto Malteze, Feb 14, 2009.

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    As Dankohzee pointed out to me recently, water saving grains are great if it hardly rains where you grow. I knew about synthetic polymers which "are said" to give a bad taste (some say it changes nothing), so I discarded them to be sure. But some newer kinds are 100% organic and break down into food for the micro herd and plant so it's all good.

    This is outstanding news for all guerilla growers who face scorching hot weather in the Summer. Thank you Dankohzee! You just saved my sorry ass several harsh trips and probably a lot of yield (heat stress)!
    This is the perfect weapon for grass to survive on its own longer, and not turn into a crisp because a few days of watering were missed. Oh yeaaaah! +rep Dank!
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    WOW, i feel like its a breakthrough in outdoor growing techniques. Thanks Dank and Corto!:hello::hello::hello::hello:

    ~ Makes me feel like i took a 2 month T-break and just took a fat rip off a bong of some dank sativa:smoke:

    But really, this is like right in time for the season, and it makes me feel so much more comfortable with my situation. Thanks a lot guys!
  3. Well just for the record, I didn't invent them and haven't even tried them yet:eek:, though I plan a test this season. I'll see if I can't find the threads I was telling you about where some guerrilla growers tested them with great results.
  4. By the way, unless anyone wants to spend a ton of money, you have to buy these things in bulk packages--no name brands. You can get a pound of thse things real cheap, and a pound of water crystals, when engorged, would probably fill two full sized pick-up truck beds;)
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    Ok Dank! I owed it to you as you're the one who mentioned this to me! Thanks a lot man.
    I'm trying to order some of these but they don't ship here: pfff!. I'll have someone from the Us send it along with the unsulphured molasses and bat guano, lol. For me, this invention is ideal. I didn't know they had theses ecological non synthetic water absorbers.
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    I checked out your links Corto--they're definitely not the way to go. Instead, google "liquid polymer" and find someone who sells them in bulk. Otherwise you'll pay 10x as much as you need to. I'd give you the link to the people who sold me mine, but I forgot who it was and can't seem to find the order conf.
  7. I've always just shredded up some diapers and incorporated that inot the surrounding soil. Works like a charm! Dunno if its environmentaly kosher, but it works. Almost never have to water plants the entire summer. I only do this for the "sink or swim" plots that are too active for me to visit and water. Like behind city hall;) Lol j/k
  8. Ah ok Dankohzee. But on the "other" forums, some growers mentioned the organic Zeba etc.. as opposed to synthetic polymers. Do you have any links for some good water absorbers or good discussions you could pm me. Thanks buddy!

    Yeah Ganjaguru, I read about the diapers, seem to work but not organic or natural (synthetic). Anyway, these things are awesome for my type of grow. :p
  9. .. I wanna see um too if thats cool :p.
  10. I tried the polymer crystals outdoors last season. They are a little on the pricey side, but every little bit helps when you have a run of 100+ degree days like we do here. I think they saved me a few times when I couldn't get by to water as often as I should have. Will definately use them again this year.
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  12. ok guys, thanks for the replies. I didn't realize how pricey those products were. I'll be looking into the perlite, diapers and liquid polymers. Yes, in the heat of the Summer it's nice to have something like that.
  13. Used or new ??
  14. I think this is where I got mine. I doubt I'll use them for my ganja plants though. Not really much need as I'm pretty vigilant in seeing to their every requirement.
  15. You're going straight to hell.:smoke:
  16. Below a pic of my Perlite & Vermiculite @ $12/each and $4/each for the slightly damaged bags (4 of them had a little tear in them but nothing missing)

  17. So basically all these products do the same things? I had heard of the water retaining crystals before. Do those products up there hold more water than them? Or are these aquadiomands just as good as the other stuff?
  18. Perlite holds water, Vermiculite makes the growing medium more airy so the roots have easier access to oxygen..

  19. Perlite has limited water retaining properties because it is porous, but for the most part it's for aeration. How many cubic feet are those bags leap?
  20. lol...Hmmm...baby urine for N? No j/k
    Hey man, it works!:cool: Really though...it DOES work like a charm. Those materials if put into your soil mix WILL KEEP it moist...ALL SEASON.

    "Hey but don't take my word for it... " Butterfly in the skyyyyy, I can fly twice as high! Take a toke, it aint no joke ... a diaper rainbow!" :smoke:

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