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Dank vs Nug

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheKillingToke, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Hey, I've been getting some shit from not cool tokers because I think nug is way better than dank.

    I'm from the midwest, and here nug is a type of weed, not just a name for the bud leaves. I'm not really into all the sweet crazy names anyway (northern lights, fire, bubblegum, gran daddy, schwag, K9, etc) because bud is really hard to come by these days here because people get busted quick.

    So I usually just buy some good nug for 60-80 and eigth, but like I said I've been getting some bad rap because I always say nugs better than dank and these guys disagree, so I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts.

  2. Im not sure what you would comepare our "nugs" to b/c I only know "nug" as what the weed comes in or the "bud". Maybe beasters or fire or somthing. Sounds like it is similar to dank.
  3. Don't really know what you mean by Nug. I can assume you mean Nug is no name chronic. I think it just depends on the quality of the bud more than the classification of it when I'm pickin up.
  4. I'm from the midwest too and we don't consider the word "nug" as a type of Ganja. Are you talking about beasters/high mids over Fire/Dank?

    And if you're spending 60-80 an eighth for inferior weed then you're getting ripped off man. Dank should run you no more than 60 an eighth, i don't care how great it is. And if you're getting anything under Dank quality you should be getting beasters and high mids for 60 a FOURTH

    If you like "nug" better that's on you. But don't get ripped off. Especially 80 an eighth. That's highway robbery
  5. im from the midwest too and nug is bomb i know exactly what you're talking about, where in the midwest are you from if you dont mind me asking?

  6. I'm originally from Minnesota, but I got to Iowa for college, and it is nice to know someone agrees with my "nug classification problem"

  7. Yeah northern illinois here, people round my place refer to a nug as a compressed Cannabis flower, basically the bud before it goes in the grinder.

    Around my place fire is called kush (i know its incorrect), and everything else is refered to as dank to make the sale. I live near idiots so its hard to find a good deal on weed.
  8. Your saying two different things. "Dank" is a way of describing good weed, "nug" is a nug of weed. One of the little actual buds you load into your pipe.
  9. You aren't making sense really.

    "Nug" Isn't a type of weed or used to describe how good weed is. It just means how it comes. A "nug" is a bud really. It's just picked off the plant and dropped in the bag in bud opposed to being smashed/grinded or whatever before put in a bag.

    "Dank" is usually an adjactive to describe a very potent sack. For example, you could have a sack of some "dank nugs."
  10. #10 abilities, Feb 20, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 20, 2009
    bro. im in the midwest. and im telling you you pay 20-30$ over what you should ever pay for an 8th of marijuana.

    that being said, i think its for the most part a matter of opinion and area. dank tends to be more of an adjective, describing the quality of the bud, while nuggests are whole, large buds from the plant as well as the same if not better quality than your everyday dank. ex, headies is dank, but its usually popcorn buds and/or the head buds of nuggets (the top of the nuggest, farthest from the bottom of the bud by the stem) hence "headies". heady/beasters is dank, but its not as dank as nuggets, which are just thriving monsters of THC that everybody loves to indulge upon. so,

    i love it when my dude gets a QP of amazing fluffy nuggs and i can get an 8th in one or two nuggets, where as i slightly frown but am overall satisfied when he picks up a QP of heady, denser, little popcorn nuggets, from either of which i get blunted to the dome with.

  11. Nug=A chunk of weed.
    The end.

  12. Nah. A nug isn't a chunk. A nug is an actual bud off the plant un-altered.

    It could be a "chunk" and just be parts of 3 or 4 buds smashed and mixed together in some irregular shape.
  13. I always look at a nug as a chunk and bud as the whole unaltered thing....

  14. Wait, so nobody caught this? This kid is obviously quite confused and/or ignorant.

  15. Said this like 3 times already and people still dont get it. =\
  16. And i've said it too. That's what i thought not what i know. Never thought about it for real i guess.

    Come to think of it i guess a nug could be compressed. I guess a bud would just be a bud...It all makes since to me now. lol:hello:
  17. I always call 'nug' a nug of weed. like a nugget. if that makes any sense.
  18. Basically, the op doesn't really know what he's talking about, although he was on the right track. I'm from missouri, and everyone down here calls dank weed "nug" because its usually comes in those perfect, unmolested nuggets . So he actually does like dank weed and those "crazy strain names". That being said, we also use the word nugg to describe just that, a nugget of weed. I can understand how this is a little confusing but you just have to pay attention to the context the person is using the word.
  19. I would never pay that much for nug lol...i can get an ounce of nug for 160 and you can only get an 8th for half that price??

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